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Paul Gilhooley Sep 2019
The Earth she turns,
The Earth she burns,
Lungs full of smoke,
Lungs start to choke,
No-one listening to her screams,
No-one caring what this means,
Wildlife havens, all decimated,
Now those lands lie desolated.

The Earth she is turning,
The Earth she is burning,
Charred embers burning bright,
Burning wildly, day and night,
Flora, fauna, creatures all,
Dying on this burning ball,
Mighty rainforests now just ashes,
Destroyed by impish burning flashes.

She burns as she turns,
And she turns as she burns,
Forests smoulder, destroyed by flames,
Victims of our Human aims,
The more destruction that we wreak,
The more the outcome seems so bleak,
Revenge, she'll bring us certain death,
Ensuring mankind's final breath.

Cinco Espiritus Creation
4th September 2019
Paul Gilhooley Mar 2019

C­inco Espiritus Creation - March 2019
Paul Gilhooley Mar 2019
I've heard you say it's a cowards way out,
I've heard you say no care at all for family or friends,
I've heard you say life's not that bad,
I've heard you say it's just a phase,
I've heard you say suicide, such a selfish act,
I hear you now say if only I'd said,
I hear you say you were there for me.
I hear you say your doors always open,
I hear you say you always worried,
I hear you say you saw the signs,
The irony of the things I've heard, is that no one listened when I was scared.

Cinco Espiritus Creation - March 2019
Paul Gilhooley Mar 2019
These shattered pieces of my life,
Failure, repetition, constant strife,
More dark than light, more cons than pro's,
The times I've tried, heaven knows!

Rarely happy, more often sad,
The brightest spark, those calling me dad,
When things seem on track, I'm soon derailed,
And yes I've tried, then failed and failed.

My social circle is very small,
Look very closely, it's only Paul,
I let people in, then I get burned,
Build barriers high, the lesson learned.

I don't need anyone to make me complete,
But a shoulder to lean on, that would be sweet,
Someone to hold, it's been a while,
Someone to care for behind the smile.

Struggles, stresses, over thinking,
Feeling like I'm always sinking,
An outlet for friends, that's never in doubt,
But can anyone hear me when I shout?

A humour so dark, I make others cringe,
But if I let it all out, their soul I'd tinge,
A cry for help you'll never hear,
I just need to know there's somebody here!

To live with loathing, to live with doubt,
Has become what life is all about,
The person you know, warm, sincere,
Has become a mask, my thin veneer.

Branded flirty, often shameless,
Tho deep inside, I know I'm worthless,
And so I share me in this verse,
To help other sufferers lift their curse.

Cinco Espiritus Creation - 2019
Paul Gilhooley Jul 2018
If I were nervous, would you reassure me?
If I were scared, would you comfort me?
If I were angry, would you calm me?
If I were lonely, would you sit with me?
If I told you my fears, would you understand me?
If I were struggling with my demons, would you fight them with me?
If I were standing on the edge, would you hold me?
If I were screaming out for help, would you hear me?
If I hid behind a smile, would you care for me?
If I told you I needed help, would you be there for me?
If I was no longer here, would you miss me?

When I was nervous, nobody reassured me,
When I was scared, nobody comforted me,
When I was angry, nobody calmed me,
When I was lonely, nobody sat with me,
When I spoke of my fears, nobody understood me,
When I struggled with my demons, nobody fought for me,
When I stood out on the edge, nobody held me,
When I screamed out for help, nobody heard me,
When I hid behind a smile, nobody cared for me,
When I said I needed help, nobody was there for me,
When I was no longer around, nobody missed me.

As I sit and ponder life,
All it's troubles, all it's strife,
On social media I see the posts,
If in need, we're willing hosts,
But is it true?  Let's wait and see,
If I need you, are you there for me?

Cinco Espiritus Creation
Paul Gilhooley Mar 2018
Inspired by Neil Diamond's "Morningside"
A tale of when an old man died,
Of nights spent alone, and days that I've cried,
For my children

This poem is real, this poem is me,
Far from the person each one of you see,
Depression, emptiness, a life I can't flee,
For my children.

By mistakes a plenty, my life defined,
The gift I hold, verses from what's on my mind,
A tormented soul, with the words I've signed,
For my children.

Emilia and John, years spent apart,
Thinking back each night, tearing at my heart,
To go back in time, and correct from the start,
For my children.

Isobel and Lydia, off doing their things,
Watching them flourish, the joy that it brings,
Two ladies growing, in my heart it sings,
For my children.

And obviously Ben, my Junior Sharkbait,
My final reason to smile, this tiny wee mate,
Giving me purpose, keeping life great,
For my children.

People believe as a dad I am good,
But I've let them all down far more than I should,
And I'd change it all for a chance that I could,
For my children.

As a father I know that I truly am blessed,
I've five stars that to me, are simply the best,
With their joy, love and laughter, my heart is caressed,
For my children.

But when I die, truth is sad,
Not a child will claim the gift I had,
The words I write become my epitaph,
For my children."

Cinco Espiritus Creation 2018
Paul Gilhooley Oct 2017
Gentle child sleeping in my chair,
Stay sweet your dreams, free from care,
Rest your head from weary day,
Exhaustion borne from adventurous play.

Gentle child with breath so soft,
Into deep slumber, you have been lost,
Knowing nothing of years to come,
A dreamy smile, you're rarely glum.

Gentle child resting free,
Cast adrift on your dream filled sea,
I wonder what thoughts fill your head,
Tho' I know your imagination is well fed.

Gentle child I hear you snore,
A man as child, yet only four,
You stir from slumber, look of surprise,
Confusion and beauty I see in your eyes.

Gentle child drifts back to sleep,
Your dreams they call you from the deep,
An uncomplicated life, youthful simpleness,
The greatest time, the age of innocence.

Cinco Espiritus Creation
October 2017
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