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French rose Aug 2018
You smell like love
The scent of arousal with a hint of ****
Desire of an unknown perfume

You taste like ***  
A taste that will last forever
The flavor fresh when my face slipped inbetween your legs

You felt so wet but was as sweet as honey
My hand feeling every inch of your body
Fingered inbetween your virginity

You sound like heaven
Your whining intoxicating like poison
Your voice seductive as it gets

You felt swift as you showed me the woman in you
Riding your hips gliding without hesitation
You felt innocent and naive as I guided your hips

You loved the taste of me thrusting into you
Crying out my name your face filled with pleasure and ****
You love the flavor of me going further than before

You drowned in my attention relished it
Hungered for it you were lit up by my infatuation
You felt a hot spark and electric energy that sent tingles to the very center of you

You just made love my dear
JDL Nov 2018
Attention all ye
Deficits of Disorder
Look it’s a squirrel!
I like many others struggle everyday with ADHD. It’s not easy but it’s what makes me, me and it’s part of what makes me special. :)
Dilsha Kawindi Nov 2017
Smooth, silky hair tied in a high ponytail
Clear lip gloss
Fingernails painted pale pink
The perfect girl next door
Pastel cardigans and sweaters were her thing

Waking up with red, swollen, puffy eyes
Staring at her reflection in the mirror for hours
And reappearing fresh cuts on her wrist
Yet no one knew the blackness growing darker in her

What's done is done
No way to go back in time
A little attention would've been sufficient to stop it
But to be fair
She got it in the end
As her body laid on the ground
With blood gushing out of her hand
Whistling speeds my mind seems so clear
A dream with a beat echoing throughout my ears
My bones are dense yet my skin has been tattered
speak another word to me and expect ones heart to be shattered
To come and to go seems to be a reasonable thing
So leave your child alone and watch their life start crumbling
French rose Aug 2018
Maybe they had a reason
To love you
Random i know
winter Dec 2015
bones creaking,
thoughts creeping
from the back my mind
and take form in the shadows.
my thoughts seem to be leaking.

I have a castle
in my mind
which has turned me blind.
dark corners
occupied with foreigners.

these evil creatures walk free
torturing me;
protection is seldom,
shine is not welcome,
and there is no hope of rebellion
To crave the intangible
Like it's light and I'm a plant
Or like it's water and I'm a fish

If I was a fish I wouldn't need attention
I could swim, yeah, I could breathe
Maybe even suffocate in a fisherman's net

To crave the intangible
Like it's needed to live
A new class, up there with
Food and water
But why?

I used to think I feared abandonment
I probably still do, actually
But this is different
Maybe it's replacing my self image
To know I'm desired by others

But I dream I could be that fish instead
winter Nov 2015
i had never waited for those things
i always felt like i was falling without wings
i dont properly remember a time
when i hadnt been compelled to rhyme

i have always been waiting
my head just aching
i dont really know what it feels like
not to be waiting for a strike
I cried because you rejected me
and lied because I was afraid of you
I hit myself to get attention and scratched myself to release pain
I cut myself  because there was no where to turn
You told me I was bad and called me names
you convinced others I was no good, and kept me from my only sibling
You never hugged,you never kissed, You never said you loved me
I ran away because I was miserable, you were drunk all the time.
Fell into the wrong crowd,  because I was hungry for attention.
I learned everything the hard way, you only taught me that I was bad, and I believed I was, for a very long time.
My inner self is numb and slowly dies each day. Today there is still no one to listen, no one to love, and no one to care.
Everyone thinks you were the best parent and feels sorry
for you because of me.
I used to wonder why I was so bad, now I know that I'm not to blame, but I am the one having to live with the damage a mother caused her child.

Copyright 2018
All rights reserved
still working on
Dani Sep 2018
Even when I'm simple you turn away,
I am sitting here telling you I'm not okay,
Turn your head from my cries if you’re mean,
These things I tell are something, they are keen,
Understand that you’re not there for me,
Paying bills is not the key,
I cry to you, of all I care,
So much I have had to bare,
No pity please, I want none,
But I'm not liking the shun,
You always disrespect my heart,
Irresponsibly shooting a missing dart,
Hello there, please remember me,
I need attention too, can't you see,
Denial fills you, in your mind,
Thinking you are so kind,
The love I feel, but not the attention
Is any of this comprehension
Listen to me, here me out,
Be there when I begin to cry out.
Neglect is known to us all in some way or another
You say you just want me to me happy
So I am
But then I'm told that I'm too happy
That I must be faking it
So I'm sad
And I show it
But then I'm told that I'm too sad
That I must want attention
But I don't want that
I want the opposite
I wish somebody would get that
Inspired by a friend who is told this daily. She puts on a smile because she doesn't want to appear weak and fragile, but then is told that she seems fake. I love her so much though and I wish she wasn't out under all this pressure.
Andrew May 2017
Nobody noticed me under the water
Drowning silently
But now I've reached the surface
Screaming violently
People seem to have a problem with the volume
My life is at risk of bleeding into their's
Oh, look at me whining for attention
Everybody wants attention
I'd rather be someone who says things for attention
Than someone who never says anything
And never gets any attention
When people see me I hope they see themselves
They just look right through me
All this in search of the grand attention
It shoots through you like a bullet
Then washes over you like a wave
But it's different for me...
It explodes inside me like an atomic bomb
And then pours out into the canyon that separates me from myself
They say a dog will **** anything
I disagree
It all depends on how much you beat them
Strike them constantly until their sexuality is
By the constant barrage of pain and damage
By the treachery and cruelty of their owner
By shame
Susanna Arambula Aug 2018
These "poems" I write are only meant for me
I keep them away from prying eyes,
Where no one can see.

Because why should one receive "likes"
For the metaphors constructed by their minds
In an losing battle to get a grip on reality?

These collections of words
These regurgitations of the imagination
Hardly even belong to me.

If I am not my mind,
Then who am I?
Or is that question irrelevant?

Words in themselves do not belong to anyone
But the order in which one happens to put them together
Is somehow different?

My attempts to understand anything are futile.
So for now, I will say
That these "poems" I write are only meant for me
That I will I keep them away from prying eyes,
For no one to see.

I refuse to be judged,
By something as absurd as these peculiar markings,
Lost in this peculiar system.

I refuse to care about whether people like what I have to say. Yet for some reason, I do it anyway.
Chris Oct 2018
To those who read and those who plead
A message for one and all to heed
Please please, I need your attention please
A fickle star such as me has much to need
If we choose to leave or stay in times of greed
Then we must heave the grey lives we lead
It's so sad yes so sad to see our love bleed
Watching them fall like Indian beads

Listen listen please, or we'll be bound
For if we don't we'll lose all we've found
If we refuse to let free our hearts that pound
Then we will be forced to stick to the ground
The sky! Please look to the sky!
For we dream to fly up so high!
Like a bird! Yes a bird! If a lowly bird can fly!
Then why shouldn't we go and give it a try?

Now see brother now look sister! If we leave we're free!
We can leave this land and reach new heights above seas!
The sky will burn no more the green will finally flee!
Our lives, destroyed by our love for getting the lead
We must band together and finally we'll get to see
The world outside is more than just a sad dream
Outside is where our chance lies, waiting for one keen eye

An eye! yes an eye! Please please give me an eye.
If the mist takes lives and removes our eyes
Surely the sky above all sky's will fix our lies.
Fix our lies? No not our lies, fix our lives!
With no more lives to deal with strife
We'll be set free into a world without life.
Our perfect world awaits us we must leave!
But now we all see that our chance is lost.
There is no life the green takes it all.
There is no truth the lies hide it all.
There is no hope the sky still falls.
It takes just one attempt for us to end it all.
Kylie Oct 2018
You’re the art
I can’t look at anymore
Even the most beautiful art can hurt

You’re the art
Always appreciate by others
always the center of attention
Always making me feel unbearable
Traveler Nov 2018
This is not a poem
Oh how I wish it was!
I wish it could make you cry
I wish it could make you blush
Oh how I wish I could express my need for love

But this is not a poem
I'm just a writer
Traveler Tim
Carter Ginter Jul 2018
I started writing a poem about him
And the beginning sounded like ours
The one where I told you that
Words aren't enough to define us
And yes words are limiting
They also have a way of telling you more
If you pay close enough attention
When "I love you endlessly"
Turns to "ILY" and
"I can't imagine my life without you"
Turns to weeks of sitting alone
And all the "I miss you"s
Turn to "how are you"s
As if you even cared
Your actions never matched your language
Were your words too limiting for you?
When I was still always there for you
And all you did was break promises?
Were the words you spoke too constricting?
At least that would explain why you broke them
Though still not why you said them
Maybe you were afraid to let me down
Or afraid to really be seen
Or just so self-absorbed that you didn't care
That you couldn't care
About yourself
Or about me
delilah Jul 2018
i started drawing
because my dad used to
i started writing
because my dad always did
i started watching football
so we could watch together
and so we did
every sunday
and the occasional monday
but slowly
every game
turned into every other
and eventually none
he stopped asking to see my work too
and i stopped trying to share
wow sad face when i went from daddy's favorite to daddy doesn't even notice when your home
Skylar Keith H Nov 2017
"**** is that her trying to comfort you?"
No, that's her actually noticing that it ***** and doing something
You didn't answer it even when I pointed at it subtly
I bet you were just laughing

Jealousy fills you again
At this point I've given up
I don't know what to say
I don't want to say; you're the only friend that matters and yeah what the **** was she thinking?

She cares and I know she does
She shows it not through a lot of talking or jokes
She shows through small things that show me she notices them

You said you'd keep it away from me
Yet here we are again
You're pushing it onto me

Must be **** that I saw it before you deleted the text saying that
I won't address it
I'm not making that mistake again

What matters
Is that you realized
You shouldn't have sent that text in the first place
**** happens and I won't play nice and dumb anymore
JRaw Rodriguez Apr 2018
No matter how busy I was !
I always had the time to text you!
No matter who I was with I gave you attention!
You can give the simplest things to mean so much ! But I don’t even cross your mind ! Morning texts never counted once middle of the day hey what’s up hello ! Where have you been always an excuse! Why you didn’t pick up the phone sorry didn’t realized it was ringing! Now I come around accusing of cheating ! Flip it back around I’m stressed and I’m tearing ! I love you but I’m leaving !
I think that you
could careless
about me.
I might be your kid,
and you could be might my parent,
but sometimes
I think that you treat me more like a carrot.
I grow by myself,
I get my own nutrition.
I get my own life,
I get my own attention.
You do not care about me,
at least that's what I think.
But even carrots
cannot be on their own.
You do not care if I come home ****** red or sick orange.
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