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FeelMyFeelings May 2014
Have you ever noticed…
The way that when it’s raining everyone is just so sad
They don’t realize that the rain is coming to wash away the bad things from the Earth and put them where they belong
They just see that the sky is dark and that the rain ruins their hair
They don’t realize that rain is here to keep the plants alive and keep them strong,
The rain keeps them healthy, without the rain, we wouldn’t have the little things like the trees that keep us alive
Or the oceans that we all love to swim in, or that are the homes to the creatures that so many of us like to eat
When it rains the dirt turns into mud, drops of rain fall down the window, the steps are so much harder to walk down
We just see the surface, never what lies beneath,
It’s just like life,
When things aren’t perfect and the tears fall from your eyes
You’re just so sad
Your world is dark and it’s cold and you just wanna grab your security blanket and hide from it
You don’t realize that the rain is coming to wash away the pain that you are feeling
You don’t realize that your rain makes you stronger, your rain helps grow your character like the trees that we depend on to keep us alive
Your rain is your source of strength, it’s where the weakness inside of you hides, but when it comes out, it’s gone forever
The rain makes it harder to get out of bed because there’s just so much pain, makes it harder to think because everything is just so foggy
The periods of rain seem to last forever
But the warm sunny days after them
They’re so beautiful,
So perfect,
But it takes the rain to appreciate them
FeelMyFeelings Jul 2013
I can’t feel it,
It’s not even beating,
I’ve been hurting for so long,
I just wanted it to end,
Now that it has,
I pray to feel something,
Even the pain was enough to keep me alive,
Enough to know that I’m still human,
or at least some type of species here living on some type
of weird planet,
can’t tell if it’s Earth or just somewhere that I’ve drifted off to in my head,
my own little planet where everything wasn’t just a
face that I had to put on telling everyone
Oh I’m fine,
this planet wasn’t a place to be anything that wasn’t who I was,
no one else was there,
no one else ever bothered,
I was just fine being me,
But now it’s like
I feel hear think nothing,
I’m completely numb to myself and the world around me,
completely deaf to what’s in front of me and blind to what I’m being shown
But sometimes it’s in plain view and I can hear it loud and clear
Once life is numb, life is over
FeelMyFeelings Jul 2013
This eraser is my trust,
huge isn’t it,
there’s so much to give
I have given it to you, now be careful
the more mistakes you make
the less there is,
the more you play with it,
the more it breaks,
the less you care for it,
the more that you lose it,
follow these guidelines,
you’ll be fine,
One, don’t draw on it,
it’s not a paper it’s an eraser,
it can get forget your mistakes,
unless they're written on there,
Two. don’t let anyone borrow it,
I’m trusting you, only you
to care for my eraser,
to be sure that you can handle it
Three, don’t break it in half,
or in fourths, not even eighths,
may seem like more but really,
it’s just easier to lose,
and once it's gone,
you can’t ever have it back.
FeelMyFeelings Jun 2013
Welcome to womanhood what’s so great about being nothing
50 years ago we couldn’t even work
you would think that the people who bring you onto this earth you would respect the most
instead you hurt us
we are disrespected, disobeyed,
stay in a woman’s place, do what women do
when you say something back
it’s not proper or lady like
looks like something dangerous
we can’t do it
looks like something tough
don’t even try
but if you think about it
we’re the toughest
we risk the most
No matter what we do
somehow it’s wrong
you’re strong, you get penalized
you cry, you get stepped on
why even try when nothing will ever make a difference

Frankly being a “woman” *****
it’s unnecessary responsibility that no one really wants
we bleed about 86 days out of the year nothing to stop
pregnant for 40 weeks with children that are gonna disrespect us because their dad’s are gonna leave us and children become just like that
in the end we end up alone
no one ever really cares
what you do or how you end up
you’ve populated the world now your job is done
that is if you’re ever that lucky
some place they take that away
stabbing and degrading the only thing that will make you anything
torturing and killing the ones that are weak or
just not strong enough to fight back
some places all you are is a toy
being ***** and played with the whole time as long as you’re good you stay alive
having something stuck inside you shocking you dead
then they say
“Welcome to womanhood” what if I wanna leave?
FeelMyFeelings Jun 2013
I thought slavery was over,
not only for the blacks but for everybody,
apparently it doesn’t matter what race you are,
you’ll always be a slave,
a slave to you mother, your father,
you’re a slave inside yourself.
I thought slavery was illegal,
why are we all slaves of the law,
we’re slaves of the government,
slaves of medicine, working until you’re dead,
We’re all slaves always working until you’re nothing
You never will be anything say everyone,  
not in reality but in between the lines,
they don’t want you to see,
you do anyways,
don’t read them because they’ll discourage you,
don’t say anything because you’re head will end up empty
full of the nothingness that is brainwashing
only taught the good
only showed the best
only feel the worst
because we’re slaves
dying in nothing but our hopes to escape
from this horrible little thing that we call *life
FeelMyFeelings Jun 2013
It’s hard,
Get over it.
Life *****.
FeelMyFeelings Jun 2013
I hate the way,
You make me,
Love you,
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