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nadezhda Sep 2018
hurting, breaking, destroying defiance.

i’m draining away in the midst of compliance.
nadezhda Sep 2018
i left




did not see


for who


nadezhda Aug 2018
Her eyes were stained glass,
green, blue, and red.

Her words were crystal chimes,
as she sang to us in bed.

Her love was a prism,
broken but bright.

She was made of shattered glass,
but spread so much light.
To the time before Him.
nadezhda Sep 2018
Find me where the old oaks sleep,

where waters of mystic foggy creek

push my sorrows far away,

and balm my soul with songs of peace.
nadezhda Sep 2018
he tried to change me into someone

worthy of his love.

i left because i realized

that i could not love myself

if i no longer existed.

— The End —