Camaury Robinson Feb 2017

Flowing with the moon and stars below my feet, I call out for you with no guarantee, seven letters all at once describe me and it’s cool if you wanna just call me King, I never was type to go around and kiss any rings..unformed lips..or asses of enemies, I been yo favorite capital seventh letter of the alphabet way before Lebron got his first ring, and ever since I jumped off the porch a nigga feel like he been ballin harder than the legendary 23, don’t try to pick my mind or kill my vibe cause lil bro a shooter regardless of the day or time, and I never fancied the complete thought of having you as mine cause everything belongs to the game but it warms me to see your smile some time, I recall when you were the only one who didn’t think I was outta my mind or that I had lost my marbles..soothing the visible pain loathing in my eyes, I often think of you as a magnificent butterfly, that visits my garden to make sure my flowers are still alive, girl it’s the year of the seven..I know you clock me like time, so let’s continue to grow and one day you can mix your seeds with mine…you know that’s always fine with me, lamb told me I was born to be King and that I shouldn’t play with sorcery, but even Kings fall to mischievous things outside the basic concepts of a fancy reality, at day’s end I’m only a human being with a beating heart and eyes full of liquid dreams, I know you might see me as more than I am but to keep it a Thouxand..I’m only just being me, and there’s so much more to this than what you read, it’s my growth as a creative and a real human being, so I hope your eyes always see me and you know I’ll always hold you as the person who held me while the world was tryna crush my dreams

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 1/29/17 @ 2:58am
Camaury Robinson Nov 2016

With the light

From the moon & stars

I am no longer 

Surrounded by the dark

And I am able

To play my cards

Without my heart 

Being in the way, 

It seems as if

I find more & more

Lovely ways

To embrace the day 

Love myself

And ignore the hate,

I’m not on my own 

But I am responsible 

For myself

And I know that

Everything that shines

Like gold 

Isn’t meant 
to walk with you 

Down these destined roads,

And I am Alone

Lord knows 

I can’t take anymore 
Paper cuts…

Even to this day

I feel the sorrow 
in my gut

Because I loved 

Too hard

And she couldn’t 
love me enough,

I see
The hate 
as a bluff

For insecure souls 

Who haven’t grown 
inside enough…
It’s sad
That they have to 
down someone
To love themselves
that's what happens

When you 
let the the world

Inside your shell,

can effect
Or take 
my magic

As long as I stick 
to the master plan 
And remember

your granted 

Can also 
Like magic

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: Sometime in November
Camaury Robinson Aug 2016

Apologies if I come off a little rude, these xans wash away my blues and leaving me feeling like the alien in the room. I have no time to love anymore and since I shipped my heart to her front door I’ve been so at peace with being in pieces scattered across the floor. They say we’re born to die in this world of love & war and if you aren’t strong the concept of greed will corrupt your core. But everything’s been such a bore since I put the shield around my core to keep my feelings safe and my mind a soar. I used to dream about the days when I was just a boy floating off the highs and skating to every point. I know that I could never go back to any previous point..especially after all the pain & death I’ve encountered on my run. So here I am again with a couple xans to kill the pain in my gut, heart numb to the world with my head high wondering what’s next to come

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 8/3/16 @ 8:02pm
Camaury Robinson Jul 2016

The night sky
between us
vast like an ocean
but as the wind
brushes my cheek
i feel you
in my soul,
you are a line
In every verse
i write,
i don't know
what we can be
but i promise
to always
guard your soul
with mine,

Your words
Within me,
My mind
senses the miles
that part us
My soul
feels yours
right here
by my side,

Some days
I push
The words down
Their truth
Is too loud,

Every night
You play
the starring role
In the empty theatre
Of this lonely soul...

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 12/15/14
Camaury Robinson Jul 2016

I was dreamin you were here
Couldn’t help but shed a tear.
Looking through the darkness of my mind,
I couldn’t help but notice the shadows I did find.
There’s nothin like the shame
Of runnin from the monsters from within,
Too much pain to talk about it,
It’s been too long to forget about it

I can’t find my way around it,
Boring a hole strait through my pocket.
It’s all I can do to hide from myself,
The fear of my reflection only makes it burn,
Only blamin my self for the
Shattered pictures on the wall,
Dreamin about the times we’ve spent together,
All those dreams we’ve entwined forever.

Where are you tonight?
I’m wonderin why I’m sittin here by myself.
To afraid to change it,
So in love I can’t even fake that everythings ok,
If you were here, you could help me escape
The monsters from within,
Tell me now, where have you been?
I’m missin you sweet darlin my one true friend

Author: Unknown
Written: Unknown but posted here 7/24/16
Camaury Robinson Jul 2016

Where time
Has no face
And my heart
Has no place
I lie in dreams
Wide awake,
Succumb to the feeling
Of what
Once was
I remember how
You used to smile
In the space
Of pure love,
Back before
I knew any pain
And before
I promised you
I'd be back again
We loved
In a place
Where the sun shined
Even when it rained,
I wish
I could go back
Most days
But tomorrow
Isn't yesterday
And I can't stop
Your eyes from glowing
For a different face,
In our space
Between solar systems
And how tomorrow
Was one step closer
To fulfilling our vision
And the days
Were never complete
If one of us was missing
You were my sunshine
And I was
The piece of the puzzle
You were missing,
A pure heart
With the best intentions
I made foolish decisions
That interrupted  
The time & space
Where we had been living..
It's funny
How as humans
We live & learn
In this time we're permitted  
And there's no going back
To change any moment
You were given,
We were young
And in love
In a place
Time had no face...
But like the
Sun & the Moon
Our souls
Will always be
In the same space
Even if our hearts
Are in a different place

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 7/24/16 @ 1:26am
Camaury Robinson Jul 2016

As new shades of green
Wash over me
I realize
That I've grown so far
From the boy
I used to be,
The black butterfly
With rainbow wings
And a essence of beauty
That goes farther
Than what
The eyes can see,
And these days
I like to collect
All my sleep..
I don't toss and turn
Cause your
In my dreams
I guess you can say
My heart
Is done with thē
Nostalgic pain
That the memories
Used to bring,
So as I grow
And let these
New shades of green
Wash over me
I can only look
To fall more in love
With these new levels
Of growth
That represent me

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 7/8/16 @ 7:15pm
Camaury Robinson Jun 2016

When the night is quiet
My mind roars
For the softness
Of your voice
Of your touch
And love
From your heart,
I hate
For you to see me
Falling apart
But when
You live in the dark
It's hard
To keep things together,
When we spent our days
Searching for the sunset..
I know times are different
But it's hard for me
Not to confess
That you are still
My hearts home

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 6/25/16 @ 11:15pm
Camaury Robinson May 2016

Hi there
I know it's been
A while since
We spoke
Cause I been
Out on the road
Trying not to fall
For everything
That shines like gold
In this land of envious man
I always wonder
How are you
And if you
Still shine like the star
I know you are
The most vibrant thing
Under the sun
Floating off of feels
And chasing after dreams
Lately I been raging my pains
Since I don't sleep till
After 3,
The E&J; soothes my soul
And takes me to places
That no one knows
I wish
To never come back
But then I hear
These fingers snap
And the dollar signs
Make me move
Like a nonstop train
On the tracks
Remember back
When we were kids
And all we wanted to do
Was travel and live
Now I'm caught up
In this whole
Being an adult shit
And barely even have time
To hang out with my friends
So are we really friends anymore?
I guess we'll never know
Until I show up at the door
In my untied vans
With the young nigga finger
A point,
I bet you think
My sets changed
Because a couple months ago
I forgot how to flap my wings
I been in hell
Since then
Looking up at the skies
Tryna remember
What heaven feels like
I had a line of demons
To fight
With no ones help
Not a familiar soul in sight
I admit I lost fights
You can still see the bruises
I guess that's why
I'm so choosy
On who gets to view true me
And after taking
My L's
And living in hell
I'm learning
How to flap my wings
I learned to smile
In the face of pain
And I got a mean uppercut
For any demon of fear
Happy that I made here
Cause I was so lost in the darkness
That mom didn't even call me
I cherish every moment
That I get to see her smile now
I'm sorry
That I've talking your ear off
You know your the only one
I let in
Like a breeze to a open window

Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 5/22/16 @ 2am
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