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Scott Jun 21
She is the dream
Of an ocean,
I awake
And lost at sea
“As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.” -- Herman Melville
SLB13 Mar 31
Part 2, lay me to rest...

A migraine ensues as I feel my bed getting wobbly,
I open my eyes to find that water has surrounded me.

An island’s shore a distance away, with no guiding lighthouse for assistance to lay.

Just the sea,
some sweet pea,
and a single palm tree.

I sit up and sip my herb tea.
Thirsty I would be after a snotty Sunday,
But a distant cry it be...

“The ship’s sinking captain!”

-queue the choir.

We’re stranded.
Hope a forgotten,
anxiety a blaze.

“What now?!”

We all stood up looking dazed.

“Batten down the hatches and Bring a Spring Upon ‘er!
We’ll get through this storm even if it takes a garner!”

The tides of war, tug and push.
Marooned on this bed of nails I felt ambushed.

I rush to the deck without a moments notice.

Ah the beauty of chaos,
matched that of an orchid and lotus.

Confusion and shock, worry and fear.
Looking around I sensed the end growing near.
And so I ran away and cowered with a tear,
As I waited for this dark cloud to clear.

But soon enough, time passed and I came to realize,
The silence and emptiness that had come to rise.

I took a look around:
Ship abandoned,
No shore in sight,
And Oh how I missed that palm tree,
How she kept me up at night...

Loneliness ensued soon after,
And I’d come to regret my actions.
How I wish I would’ve been taken away by whatever extraction.

And as night time fell, with the claps of thunder,
I thought would I ever again see that breathe of wonder.

A bark of passion to lay my worries against,
A shade of compassion for whenever I tensed.
leaves that fashioned a synthetic chime,

And as I gazed at the storm of your aftertaste, I thought,
I’m almost out of time.
OC Nov 2018
Nights like this
make me want to drown in you
to feel your surging body
flooding over me as the tides
rising and crushing down
to **** in your salt
and scorch my lungs
hot and wet
raging and rocking me about
I plunge into your ocean
lost, blind and blurred
sinking like a stone
floating like a feather
gently rocking in your darkest depth
on muffled, distant thunders
to the frailness of oblivion
from the  calm of this abyss I am
like foam onto your shores
Had our first storm of the season the night before
Christopher May 2018
You chose to and you believed
Now look at your ship all wrecked
Yet somehow you're alive

The seas have been calm but still ruffle every now and then.
Though the ashes of my dreams still scatter everywhere each time I remem..
Such a beautiful face I've seen and it's one that's different compared to the others.

She left me though just the others along time ago.
Soon I'll be up and running again so will the others
But we are dreams who've been here in the clearance aisle

Waiting to be shaken...
You come up with ideas, with a thought, with a belief, but life doesn't care. Focus on your present and shelve those forgotten, unneeded things...
A veil has been pulled from my eyes
This place is where rainbows die

Promised land
Beautiful from afar and above
Your song pulled me in
Shipwrecked me on perfectly chiseled rock

This is where rainbows die

I see now
This place is a 100-story Zoo
Filled with sharks

Afraid that if they stand still
Just for a second
And smell the roses
They will surely die

Their sadness
Caged by concrete
Fences, locks, and labels

This is where rainbows die

Herds of one, chasing pots of gold
In all the wrong places

Can we ever hope to break the mold
Routines and purpose

A million voices crying out for connection
And no one willing to listen

Every brightly lit window a stage
Every man, woman, and child
A far-removed audience

As if color costs money
Surrounded by shades of grey
Ashen, set in rigor mortis

This is where rainbows die

So I say
Let us turn to the children

Let them
Rule our expensive city for a day

Let them
Capture a rainbow in their tiny hands
And paint the city with it

Let them show us that
Puddles are for jumping
And rain is for joyous dancing

Rise up once again
My fellow grown ups

And touch
The magic of the rainbow
Shipwrecked* heart
Sea of *betrayals

Misconceived idioms,
Blindly enslaved.
Was it really worth it anyway?
Fighting with hope;  a lost battle.
Fallible carcasses on a wooden platter.

Poisonous Ivy in my veins;
silent heartbeat bursting into flames.
Time is a thief,
buried beneath the sea.
Was it really worth the wait?
Fighting for love; a lost cause.
Permeable holes in an empty cup.
Troubling nature, impatient thoughts.

Standing aloof.
Leveled indifference,
taciturn blind goof.
Lost chance; misleading poker glance.
Arms twisted, magnificent ache.
Ashes corroding the mechanical brain.

besieged wound.
Abrasive torture,
revealing the truth.
Cursed fortune; insensitive to pain.
Piercing a bullet through the soul,
expressed disdain.

Adamant rapture
with no return.
Imprisoned belief
with no more fire to burn.

By: Michael M. De La Fuente
An attempt at spoken poetry.
Thus, shifting to a more metaphorical/vague write than the usual rythmic verse.

— The End —