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SLB13 Mar 31
Part 2, lay me to rest...

A migraine ensues as I feel my bed getting wobbly,
I open my eyes to find that water has surrounded me.

An island’s shore a distance away, with no guiding lighthouse for assistance to lay.

Just the sea,
some sweet pea,
and a single palm tree.

I sit up and sip my herb tea.
Thirsty I would be after a snotty Sunday,
But a distant cry it be...

“The ship’s sinking captain!”

-queue the choir.

We’re stranded.
Hope a forgotten,
anxiety a blaze.

“What now?!”

We all stood up looking dazed.

“Batten down the hatches and Bring a Spring Upon ‘er!
We’ll get through this storm even if it takes a garner!”

The tides of war, tug and push.
Marooned on this bed of nails I felt ambushed.

I rush to the deck without a moments notice.

Ah the beauty of chaos,
matched that of an orchid and lotus.

Confusion and shock, worry and fear.
Looking around I sensed the end growing near.
And so I ran away and cowered with a tear,
As I waited for this dark cloud to clear.

But soon enough, time passed and I came to realize,
The silence and emptiness that had come to rise.

I took a look around:
Ship abandoned,
No shore in sight,
And Oh how I missed that palm tree,
How she kept me up at night...

Loneliness ensued soon after,
And I’d come to regret my actions.
How I wish I would’ve been taken away by whatever extraction.

And as night time fell, with the claps of thunder,
I thought would I ever again see that breathe of wonder.

A bark of passion to lay my worries against,
A shade of compassion for whenever I tensed.
leaves that fashioned a synthetic chime,

And as I gazed at the storm of your aftertaste, I thought,
I’m almost out of time.

— The End —