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Noemi Michelle Jul 2019
‪There’s so much more to offer than just ***. ‬
the opportunity of learning how to connect,
With harmonic vibrations being content.
A love so deep, strong, and complex
No one can ever come in between
This never ending apex.
I spent my days waiting for you,
waiting for us to come together.
I have finally let down my walls,
and learned to love myself enough
to love you too.
Where are you? I know you are near
somewhere. I feel this flame burning
Inside of me waiting to be combined
With yours.
I could imagine our love being
so pure, with many languages
Motions and more.
I could imagine our minds align
At the same time  
You being as complete as I.
Originally written: 12/2/18

No love is ever perfect, but we find those who
are worth it for as long as it last. We learn from each other and build our character based on experiences, so let love take it’s course as we all experience different ways to feel <333
Noemi Michelle Jun 2019
Days become more like
Sunny-cloudy days.
You come to a sense of awareness
Of everything around.
The way you feel
The way you think
You have finally reach your own headspace.
Sitting in silence allowing your mind to run
Across the field of where you truly want to be
Focusing on what things are instead of for what
Things could be... not everything is what is seems.
Happiness isn’t a destination it’s a journey.
When you learn to let go of things that do not serve
you, you create space for abundance. Allowing
Everything to flow in it’s most natural state.
Still going through a couple of
Obstacles that will cause interference,
we must learn to overcome these
challenges, to let go of the U
You Used to be and become stronger
as we grow.  
Sit back and relax let peace
Wash over your back
Feel the presence of this moment
And let it just be that.
Noemi Michelle Jun 2019
It happens
Feeling yourself growing distant
from who you are day by day
losing interest in the things
you love.
Allowing your blanket to
swallows you whole disappearing
I just into the darkness of a growing pain.
Questioning who you really are and what this is
not knowing for how long it’s been,
You’ve been looking for the moments
where you once felt bliss but, your
Memory cease to exist.
Losing focus on the prize
blaming others for your pride
consistently wanting to cry,
feeling as if you’re outside of yourself
floating in a world you were once apart of.
Numbness starts to kick in
not having control of anything anymore,
highs and lows hit intensely then
ever before.
All you want to do is hide these feelings
hoping for it to go away
You could build up walls that
will temporarily stay but,
it’s just like a band-aid that can’t
cure the pain.
So hold on tight to this emotional roller coaster
we have a lot of growth to gain
Only god know how long it will take for
Us to recover from this
Growing pain.
Originally written: 8/30/18
Noemi Michelle Jun 2019
‪What do you see when you ‬
look into my eyes,
Do you see a future
or your head in
between my thighs?
Would you admire my
body or fall in love with
my mind? Are you seeking
for comfort while there’s
more to provide?
I don’t like being rush
but for you to take time
to get to know such
beauty and divine. Don’t
be so quick to say  
“you will be mine”
as I vanish like a lighting
in the sky.
I am a piece of artwork you
can not find, not even in museums
just open you eyes.
explore me
Solve me like a puzzle
every curve accounted for
read me like a book
or better yet write your own story,
but don’t use me and throw me to the side
as for I am worth so much more.
Originally written: 12/2/18

To all the boys that see a pretty girl but don’t know what to do with her.
Think... Are you adding any value into her life?
And you planning on evolving with her?
Think about it, before disturbing her peace.

— The End —