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Creator Sun Sep 2019
Why do we use
Those artificial smiles
To greet one another?
That goes on for miles and miles?

Why do we exercise
Those 10 muscles around the mouth.
When what we're really doing
Is being uncouth?

I wonder why the people still smile.
To hide their unrelenting pain.
When all they need to do,
Is diverge the rain away?

That was what I thought,
A few years ago.
But now with more experience,
I'll can tell you oh~

Pretend that you are happy,
And the world will be less blue.
Pretend that you are happy,
And you're start to believe it's true!

Ignore all your problems,
And you'll see that life's worthwhile.
Pretend that you are happy,
And your friends might stick around.

Smile everyday!
Hey! Try to sing this to your tune! It's written to be a song, inspired by Jay Foreman's --- Pretend You're Happy ! Anyways, have a good day and remember, there are people out there willing to help you if you just ask them to! Sometimes they'll just help you out without them asking anyways! Always keep in mind that the bad will pass, and you can do it!
Amoni Fuller Jan 2018
I feel nothing.

Not your kind words,
that drill
through my skull
until dull
and still

Not the wind
I've seen
dancing through the trees
singing sweet melodies
to the lilies below

Not the sun
or its warmth
my blinds are closed
just like my mind
it's cold.

Not even you
who tries to soothe
can fix me,
"The Uncouth"
I felt this way for a long time.
Not as often now.
Äŧül Jan 2017
If you happen to have it in youth,
You will lose true lovers forever.
If you happen to be so uncouth,
You lose more than just a lover.
If you happen to fail catching the sleuth,
You should look inside yourself rather.
If you often forget lovers like a cloth,
You would rather start a museum.
My HP Poem #1395
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —