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Meraki Aug 2020
Tere kadam kya padhe dwar pe,
Tanhai ne toh hume bewafaa karaar kar diya..
Hawa Apr 2019
Free Palestine
   Free Tibet      
But first :        
Free yourself
Hawa Apr 2019
Are you lost? And asking me for the way.

Well, my love, I am as lost as you are.
It's not a bad thing to be lost. What do you think?
Hawa Mar 2019
If I write a story about me.
Do I become a story, or
The story becomes me??
We all will slowly vanish into the words we write and read.
One day!
We will all become words.

And I am desperately waiting for that day.
Hawa Mar 2019
Do I consider myself as Mature,
Now, That I have started to understand POETRY?
Are we even complete without poetry in our lives?
Casey Feb 2019

I find that it's often other people's things that we accidentally break
except for our own hearts.


In a dream I once had, my dad said this bit:
I know it's tough right now, but you need to pull through. You can make it.


And from my mom, in a few years her picture will sit on the bookshelf:
I love you. You will survive yourself.


Maybe all of this was one big ******* mistake, but oh god, not you.


Be there for those who care, otherwise, those who care will seldom be there.

— The End —