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Gerard M Aug 18
Poetry is my life line

without it I wouldn't be alive

If I didn't have a teacher to tell me about some poets

I wouldn't have ever read their poems and found Sylvia Plath

a poet that understands me way more than I thought

Or Edgar Allan Poe who's poems I enjoy reading

If I never shared music books, and poems with a teacher I

Would't have even known he wrote poems.
Gerard M Aug 18
If Doctor Who wasn't around when I was 6
I wouldn't have ever said "BOWTIES ARE COOL"

If Edgar Allan Poe wasn't a poet that I found when I was 16
I wouldn't have ever read "NEVERMORE"

If MrBeast wasn't a youtuber that I became a fan of when I was 17
I wouldn't have a group of people I consider friends
Gerard M Aug 2
For years life was pretty normal

Wasn't worried about anything at all

had a notebook full of poems I was writing

Now there online for people to read

Never thought that they would ever be in a book one day

Now it takes me by surprise every time I think about it

Just thinking about how fast the Night Changes

Now everything that I've ever dreamed of becoming a reality
Poem name is taken from the song Night Changes by One Direction and some of the lines are lyrics taking from the Thomas Rhett song Life Changes as well as Night Changes
Gerard M Aug 2
Two men started a YouTube channel

They called the channel Unus Annus

They were also the characters Unus and Annus

One year is all that they promised us

There was a clock counted down the days

The clock finally stopped and then we all the same thing

What we all said was MEMENTO MORI
Unus Annus is a dead deleted YouTube channel that lasted from 11/13/2019 - 11/14/2020
Gerard M Jul 30
He's a straightedge vegan

That has tattoos for from his neck down

Who loves Star Wars and Doctor Who

Has been a drummer for many bands

Is currently the drummer for Fall Out Boy

My Celebrity Crush is Andy Hurley
Gerard M Jul 29
The Perfect day is one where it's raining all day

Spent reading Edgar Allan Poe or listening to one of his poems

While writing poetry all day or night

Which is what I did while listening to said poet

As I thought about what a Raven once said

So "Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”
Actually about what makes me happy and I love doing as well as my perfect day
Gerard M Jul 29
There's two people that will always stand out to me

Both of them are poets and writers

But one of them is also a chapter book writer

The other once said "NEVERMORE"

The other didn't but only read that quote

Now the only thing they both have in common with me is that they inspired me to write poetry
This poem is about who inspired me to write poetry which is my high school English teacher and one of my favorite poets Edgar Allan Poe
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