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When people say a duty is to be done.
However, that is only done by some.
The rules do not stay.
Each situation to its own way.

In some situations, it is seen as the rule.
In other times, it is misconstrued.
You are accused of kicking up a fuss.
When others had not done their task.

Is it not right that one should clean up one's mess?
It would not be fair to push it to the rest.
Why do some get away with what others must do?
Under the same boss but governed by a different rule?

To give partiality based on seniority.
You would just be losing your credibility.
Please follow through the rules you set.
That way you'll earn much more respect.
This poem speaks of situations at work, where a practice and duty is being enforced, but other times, partiality is given.
Àŧùl Jul 2017
This earth is actually 1 nation,
It is 1 complex society.
My compatriots,
They don't desist from being real *****.
My countrymen,
They spit phlegm on any public road.
My landsmen,
They bias against the ladies apart from ****** them.
My fellow humans,
They break all of the traffic rules.
My own friends,
They have been so imperfect.
My friends are my world,
And I am not proud of this world.

I am an idealist who never had them,
The mythical permanent friends.

The human society is full of bigotry,
I read about female exploitation.
This awful male-dominated society,
I am amused on its insecurities.
That unlucky unborn female foetus,
I mourn its ****** before its birth.
My HP Poem #1637
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —