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Arshia Qasim Oct 2018
ملا تو پھر نہ رہے گا جوازِ شکوہ گری
جو مانگنا ہو تو یہ حوصلہ ضروری ہے

If you get it, you will have no justification of complaint
When asking for something, this fortitude must be ascertained

Couplet and translation ©️Arshia
Terry Collett Oct 2016
Dom Peter
in the workshop
planing wood
the wood in a vice,

ad opus est
ut oraret he said
as I watched
as I swept
wood shavings,

bell tolled
for the office
of None,

sunlight on
the cloister garth,

monks around
talking and sipping tea
I sipped and watched
but was silent,  

kiss me here
she said
my husband never
kisses me here
so I did,

the bell tower tolled
George pulled
the ropes with Gareth,

prier dans votre cœur
a French monk said
God hears all prayers,

Hugh thin and gaunt
helped in the kitchen
with Dom Patrick
soup made
he said,

Arbeiten im Glauben
geschehen sind
Godly Werke
the Austrian monk
said to me
as we sorted books
in the abbey library,

I kissed along
her inner thighs
leaving moist kisses,

Christian lernen
von Christus wie
Sie sollte Christus
zu lieben
St Bernard said
so I read,

I sat in the church
in the semi dark
after Vespers
waiting for God
to speak
but no words came
just a flicker
of the red light
at the altar end,

Η ανθρώπινη
συμπεριφορά πηγάζει
από τρεις κύριες
πηγές την επιθυμία
συναίσθημα και γνώση
Gareth said
quoting Plato
as we sat
on the abbey beach
watching the tide come in,

I see her in my mind
legs spread wide
enter in.
BLZbozo Jul 2014
Eh like playin fitba wee meh Dad,
It's so funny and a wee bit sad
'Cause when eh beat him he gets mad.

Eh like playin fitba wee meh wee lassie,
She plays fitba like Shirley Bassey,

Meh Dad canny tackle, he's so mince.
He devs in and taks awa meh pins.

Meh lassie heiders the ba  wee the back o her heid,
Like a fish oot o water
Just before it's deid.
Unfinished Draft. Notes for the hard of Scots:

Football Crazy
One does enjoy playing football with my Father,
It is quite amusing and also a little upsetting
because I am more technically gifted as a player than my Father. Which upsets him.

One enjoys playing football with my Daughter.
She has the playing ability of Shirley Bassey. (ie not very good. Ms Bassey is NOT known for her footballing prowess.)
My Father does not possess the footballing skill nor ability to legitimately dispossess one of the ball. He lacks skill in the footballing department.
Rather than obtain the ball through fair play he prefers foul play.

My Daughter's ability in the headering of a football is seriously lacking, to the extent that it resembles a member of the aquatic family in its death throes.

— The End —