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Eccedentesiast Jun 2016
I was that girl
who believed in your promise

I was that girl
who you loved with all your heart

I was that girl
who you promised forever

But I'm not that girl anymore
And I'd probably never be again
Eccedentesiast Jun 2016
You were that boy
who spoke of forever

You were that boy
who promised me forever

You were that boy
who gave me forever

forever loving you
forever aching for you
forever yearning for you
Part 1.
Eccedentesiast Nov 2015
Watching this drama makes me think of us
What we used to be and what we are now
A beautiful lie and an ugly truth
You hold me and kiss me
Then you tell me we're just friends.
Don't act that way and make me so confused
It's not so easy to blur the lines
between being friends and being lovers.
Don't look at me and make me feel special.
Just tell me, tell me what we are
Don't tell me it's nothing until we have tried
Loosely based on "SOME". Some is a term that means a relationship wherein you don't know if you're friends or lovers.
Eccedentesiast Oct 2015
i need you now
more than i ever did
but you dont need me
and it hurts
  Sep 2015 Eccedentesiast
Akala mo di siya mawawala
Eto ngayon, umalis na siya
Akala mo maghihintay pa siya
Yun ang masakit, hindi na pala

Akala mo di ka mapapalitan
Ngayo'y may bagong nang kasiyahan
Akala mo ikaw pa rin ang mahal
Nagbabago pala habang tumatagal

Akala mo ganun pa rin
Hindi na pala, nagbago din
"Babalik pa ba o hindi?"
Alam mo naman sa sarili ****
2nd tagalog poem. Sorry for not updating my acct. :)
Eccedentesiast Sep 2015
i told you that i'll be moving on
but i lied
because i'm loving you more than ever
not mine but this was said to me before
Eccedentesiast Aug 2015
How many times have you said "I love you"? How many times have you said "I miss you"? How many times have you told someone that you care?

How many times have you meant it?
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