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Zack Ripley May 28
First, I forgave the bullies
Who made me cry.
I didn't know your story.
You didn't ask for mine.
Now the hard part.
I forgive myself
for the mistakes I've made.
It's been a long, weird game.
But so far, I don't regret
The way I've played.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2019
If you feel
Comfort with tears
Yes please, cry
If you can't

Don't deny
To smile
Genre: Zen
The: Options ||Human Emotions
Elaine Mar 2018
I care
I care so much it hurts
I care about the little things
The way his eyes light up when he talks about something he loves
The way he tells jokes and stories
Laughing so much he can't get the words out
The way he smiles when we hold hands and dance together
Even if it's just for show
I care so much about things most people don't even notice
But I care about the big things too
Things most everyone sees, but fails to address
The way his eyes are now, dull and void of life
The way he jokes about hating himself and wanting death
In a way that makes me think he really means it
The way his face is permanently frozen in the same weary expression, now that I can't make him laugh
Or even smile
I care about all these things, and they scare me
Because what if I'm right
About the way he feels
Because I don't know how to fix it, how to make him smile again
How to make his eyes light up the world like they used to
Because what if there's suddenly nothing more to notice, nothing more to care about
Because it's all gone
Because he's all gone
And nothing I did made a difference
I wrote this a while ago and I'm happy to say things are getting better now, but this poem still makes me emotional and I wanted to share it with you guys.
shermz Sep 2016
i love
the way you hold me
like you don't want to lose me

the way you look me in the eyes
telling me how much you love me

the way we lock our lips together
as our heart beats as one

i hope this will not only happen only for now
but forever and, always.
Ashlie Lozano Aug 2016
Army, where is your voice? It's time for us to break the silence, no more passive compliance.

It's time to let the world know of our home, I will no longer hide behind a poem.

I will not hide my faith for your acceptance, I am a stranger in this land of deception.

Army, where is your voice? Let them know of your choice. I walk the narrow way, I am no stranger to God's grace.

Choose this day, to show you're not ashamed of His name. I was lost but now I'm found, scream it out loud.

Jesus is the only way to escape this world's fate.

I offer you an ark to escape the flood, I'm showing you the way to escape Armageddon before it has begun.

Army, where is your voice? Choose ye this day, what will be your choice?
RJW Apr 2016
she is a fragilely sculpted being
born of earth and dust and dirt
a world's oblivion is coiled around her hair
flowing over shoulders that bear numerous opinions
and sometimes various glances of vague curiosity, disdain or admiration
the celestial tied to this tiny sliver of mud
freckled aquamarine speck
bound to the earth through delicate ties
a shell of the terrestrial

the mortal who clothes herself in immortality
through the only Way
the rise of the Spirit over the desolate flesh
only through His Blood is she reminded of His divine sacrifice
for all the delicate beings that reside temporarily
on this tainted planet

she smiles in triumph
studying a loosely strung thread
a tapestry of silvered fibres
naked in exposure when caught
in strong sunlight and a thin clasp
of miniscule enchantment

oh you are of temporary matter
temporary breath
temporary flesh
temporary glory

until eternity begins
We are all temporary beings in this life.
Jennifer Weiss Apr 2015
"We are in the same boat with the One whom even the winds and the sea obey."
I will remember this for all of my days.
I will cling to Him when I want to run away.
For there is no danger to come near me,
in which the Lord would not stay.
"No danger can come so near the Christian that God is not nearer."

— The End —