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RJW 3d
the clock struck midnight
and the darkness stood still
in the hidden corner, a flicker loomed
casting pale drops of light
on creatures hibernating in dreams
as if to crack the doorway
illuminating a night path
through thin veils of waking
into the watery ebb of pink yellow
bleeding into the clouds
opening the eyes of the sky
to see us, nesting underneath
in the hollows and mountains of the earth
RJW Jul 2023
slowly light spreads
unrolling a thick nebulae carpet
deep forrest in the night sky
coruscating amethyst meadows
growing star drops and fire cups
tiny diamonds strewn
on the angelic borderlands
of a place far too beautiful
RJW Jun 2023
fire within, greater than the flame of the stars
seared in cracks of desert and forest rivers
capillaries of life
in deep valleys of yesterday’s silhouettes
tomorrow is forever leading,  
cradling vehemently against the force of
winds that ravage the valley with wolves’ teeth
sheltering a flickering warmth that revives
amid the glacier rivulets in the winter days
revives and longs to grow into a forest fire
abounding in ardour
except instead of torching all to ash
alighting its arms around
every flower and stem of life
RJW Jan 2023
the stars twinkled over us
we spent it almost together
restless nights, heated indecision
long car drives and destinations
two planets, briefly aligned
surfing the warmth of the celestial ocean
the sky ripped open, our places in the cosmos
gently arrayed side by side
you: an anchor in my waves
my floating being; freedom and tumult
me: the water, the sea, washing over your strength and sturdiness
a free spirit, a water nymph, swimming alongside
pooling over you in blue melancholy
two hearts alight with the glow of the other,
just out of orbit, reaching
so close, yet so far away
different corners of the heavens
written for him; the star in the other corner of my galaxy.
RJW Jan 2023
all the shadows in the world it seems
have fallen from the sky of my innermost self
clouded over and collecting in outstretched palms
trickling to overflow over my fingers
completely saturating
and if to refresh for a second, to drown the next
the oak tree in the forest knows this
he is witness to all
that dance on the borderline of chaos and hollows
in the deepest ocean of blackness and canyons
within the inside
the carved out ribs of mountains that thrum with wind-whistle
and glint in the shade of ashen branch piles
RJW May 2020
the skyline melted
a soft molten candle
spiced tea and honey
steeping in the roof of the earth
the seawater flecked golden
in the mirror glazed shore
undescribed radiance
inside this hallowed cove
muted sea-spray and sunrises
RJW May 2019
they all turned their faces away
bore flares
of sleeping suns
sails billowing
unfurling stems
heavy with blood orange petals
carpeted burgundy
cracked stone
riverbank of leaves
flaxen deeply
covered in willow hair
tidal river’s race
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