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RJW Jan 15
all the shadows in the world it seems
have fallen from the sky of my innermost self
clouded over and collecting in outstretched palms
trickling to overflow over my fingers
completely saturating
and if to refresh for a second, to drown the next
the oak tree in the forest knows this
he is witness to all
that dance on the borderline of chaos and hollows
in the deepest ocean of blackness and canyons
within the inside
the carved out ribs of mountains that thrum with wind-whistle
and glint in the shade of ashen branch piles
RJW May 2020
the skyline melted
a soft molten candle
spiced tea and honey
steeping in the roof of the earth
the seawater flecked golden
in the mirror glazed shore
undescribed radiance
inside this hallowed cove
muted sea-spray and sunrises
RJW May 2019
they all turned their faces away
bore flares
of sleeping suns
sails billowing
unfurling stems
heavy with blood orange petals
carpeted burgundy
cracked stone
riverbank of leaves
flaxen deeply
covered in willow hair
tidal river’s race
RJW Mar 2019
dust, wood
the ground grows soft there
a sheet of pine needles
footprints etched into
the chestnut hues of autumnal life
softly the air gives way to raindrops
feeding the trees,
their steeples covering
creatures who wander their corridor
merging into the tarmac
stippled with pebbles
and freckles of water and fire
RJW Jul 2018
one slender shoot
growing through the
shadows of serpentine weeds
the blackest of stones
in shrouds of whole brilliant suns
nectarine fire in tongues of holy flame
in the grain of dormant seeds
within creatures
sleeping, waiting to be saved
For the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.

Isaiah 9:2
RJW May 2018
velvet sheets
threaded from shimmering webs
glacier streams
alabaster; moonbeams
burnished drop of light
sleeping with eyelids
painted in shades of
RJW Apr 2018
rain is sifting through the leaves              
nests of bramble, blackberry  
ferns green and resting in
noon's shadowed face
shining drops, halcyon
washing April blue until
the moon blinks
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