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Sasevardhni Jan 2021
Oh, dear, how have you been?
It has been weeks that we last met,
I can see that your mind is set,
I have nothing to argue, I bet.

I have a long list of our memories,
Which I will forget soon,
As forgetfulness is my God-given boon.
I could hardly recollect your jingles now.

I  did break up with you on that evening,
As I realised, you would leave me in the midst,
I left you in advance, developing a brain cyst.
When I realised I shouldn’t have done so,
My brain did not stop my heart from stopping to meet you.

You said it was too late to convince.
Ah, a matter of a tweaky week was too late….
I missed you from the bottom of my heart.
Cancelled all my schedule and drove to your place to sort out.

You raged that  I tortured you to the core,
You snapped your fingers at me,
You hit yourself to hurt me,
You walked out in the field away from me.

I regretted to have left you,
When you needed me

I ended up meeting you,
I pleaded, begged and requested to you to get back to me.
All you could do was,
Push me away in the same place where you held me by your hands.
I now wish my arm to have had been pincers.

That was the night I realised,
Love has got a lot to do with ego and self-respect than love itself.
Should love be romanticised!
Should the pain in love be romanticised?
While in romance, romance has pain in itself.
Sasevardhni Nov 2020
Oh my dear Corona
What on earth have we done to you?
With or without wearing a mask
We could neither live nor die.

You came in through the air.
To stop us travelling by air.
Object us from breathing the way we were
To walk maskless on the streets became so rare.

You flew in uninvited.
You made people become intimidated.
You took our rights ignoring legislation norms.
You made our lives miserable by questioning our norms.

The old has almost lost its worth
The colours have almost faded in youth.
The bride and groom are chocking to accept maskless wedding bells.
The newborns won't know how a maskless dwells.

Like a demon, you ****** our blood in the ways possible.
Eliminating a commoners purpose in life is the norm for you.
Should an infant learn to wear a mask before it treats to suckle?
Should Shutting down a layman's joy be a delight to you?

Who the hell are you?
An uninvited guest ruining everything around you
Wasting an individual's precious time,
Spoiling a wonderful year.

You got your name and fame
by Stealing one's beloved possessions.
How cruel could you be!
Butchering lives with or without attacking.

Should you stay forever or be gone before dawn!
Sasevardhni Jun 2020
Hey dear Granpa,
I know that I owe
A letter to you
A verse for thou.

On this father's day
I write one with a lot to say
Firstly, your presence was my gay
Your love didn't let me cross the bay.

I have a father who looked after my expenses.
Whereas, you brought me up with all the senses
Showing how to go beyond one's fences
by using mind's lenses.

I tried to follow your ways
But I kept going in search of love
Forgetting no one can be you
And, I was caught facing anxiety.

How can I forget those
Long walks which didn't last long
The endless conversations which did end
Bicycle rides which steered away to sides.

I saw the people, and I understood the world,
I witnessed the love, and I saw the sacrifices,
But I couldn't see you....
My heart yearns to end my best moment with you.

I wish I were able to see you
I hope I could feel you
I beseech I were long gone with you
I wish, I wish, and I wish to be with you.

I don't want love my dear
I don't want marriage my dear
I don't want parents my dear
All I need is those loving moments with you

Can't we read a novel again
Can't we fight over a book again
Can't we talk for hours about it again
Can't we seek a judge to wave a victory flag for us?

dated: 21/6
Sasevardhni Jun 2020
We knew it was a long-distance relationship
We promised to be together to sail on that ship
We held on to us for so long.
Suddenly, what went wrong?
Our horoscope didn't match
So, should you leave me alone?
Or, was it for fun?
To assure me that we are done.
#break up
Sasevardhni Jun 2020
I know you as a person
I understand you as a friend
I appreciate you as an individual,
I can always see you more than a friend.
Who likes to laugh
To laugh unknown of reason,
To laugh unknown of season.
No matter of winter is cold,
No issue of spring being pleasant
All that you want is
To laugh out aloud.

I guess miseries are with you
So that you laugh a minute of few
I guess sorrows r hear
So you laugh to bear
Happenings are rare
It is not meant for you to carry.
But, you do admit
Your laughter is your gear
Worries are here and there
You ought to share
For them not be a mare
Never, you regret to deliver
Your pain  doesn't stay forever
Never, you regret to convey here
As your true laughter
Would return to you for sure
Sasevardhni Jun 2020
It hurts to realise that you knew it once.....

In the darkest sky above
I can see my long-lived love
In the deepest sea below
I couldn't find my lost love
On the green meadow
I tried to mow.

We spent hours together on our phones
Our whats app calls followed our tunes
Our whats app messages sang our songs
We managed a heartfelt long distance to last.

With our unnecessary dramas and silly fights
We held ourselves so close and tight.
Should all this stop at the sight
of relative and horoscopes?

It is hard to see that passing cloud
It hurts to realise that you knew it once

Why can't we talk like we did before?
What made you shut that door?
What happened to the acquired lore?
Why couldn't we walk together again on that shore?

Won't we be able to walk and talk again?
Won't we able to send and receive hugs and kisses?
Will those days never come again?
Am I that spineless one?
Sasevardhni Jun 2020
Are We Really Done?

The day when I heard your voice
I thought it was my only choice.

Even before I saw you,
My passions gently grew.

Though I know, we can't meet frequently,
I accepted your proposal immediately.

Distance did not imply much to me.
Our conversations made us glee.

I fell for those pleasing words.
Without realising, they were the ****** swords.

Our invaluable conversations allowed me to encourage.
To stand for our marriage.

Our horoscopes did not match.
But I held on to us.

I was willing to move from my comfort zone.
But I did not hear you drone.

All I had to hear was, we are done.
Should you leave and run?

Was it my fault?
To embrace you without any halt.
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