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Dawn Jan 2019
My orbs has seen the sky
and you said it was blindness.
That my youth will distort my fate,
I was speechless.

I tried whispering my cries to your ears,
I reached and it was honest.
That once my soul speaked to me,
That she knew who i was.

You were squinting,
more firm, more definite.
You said my mind was like a plain,
and 'twas cloudy.

You told me to wait until its a clear day.
I had to wait until its a clear day.
Dawn Jan 2019
the leaves have entered the house
more are thriving and not wilting.
the vibrance ever so strong
Amongst the flowers carried by its fat stems.

our steel founded doors
do not stand a chance.
All are persistent enough to fill half of this home with wild ferns, curling perpetually.

All grew faster than the strands of my hair thats already been boosted by the magic of human calibre.
It pushed me to a side,
a small space, and sooner
it will just be one tile
In this checkered flooring

I am surrounded,
my toes to touch the silky forest capsuled in this house.
The vines slithering around my legs

I wilt at the touch.

— The End —