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phoenix Dec 2019
if the roles were reversed
if the shoe was on the other foot
would you have let me hurt you
the way you did?

would it be emotionless
would the pain be non existent
would everything be the same
would it just be without me

would you hug yourself?
would you scream at the pain I caused you?
would you be too hurt, to even see my name?
would you lose yourself in a mess you couldn't control?

would you hope that the pain wouldn't stay?
would you hope maybe you could be okay again?
would you hope you could look me in the eye?
would you hope to be able to trust,like you once did?

would you hope one day you could trust again?
would you hope one day you were able to feel again?
would you hope one day you would love
the way I loved you?


you wouldn't smile the way you did when you met me
you wouldnt feel how you did when I numbed all the pain.

— The End —