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Francie Lynch Mar 2021
Lovlee ladeebug, ye'll nae be flien hame,
Ye're a fine wee red beedel
Tha nipp'd me fleshee arm.
Ye've nae hame afire,
Ye've nae wee ones alane;
Ye bit me lovelee ladeebug,
'nd ye'll nae be flien hame.
Having a bit of fun.
Delyla Nunez Mar 2021
We wandered around,
Zia at our heals trying to keep up.
That’s when we saw it.
Floating effortlessly in the air,
A mass of beautiful colors.
Only three.

We walked towards the swarm of reds, yellows, and orange colors and they moved,
Flying around us to create our own bubble.
So unbelievable,
I couldn’t believe it had I not seen it.
Zia snapping at air to collect them in her mouth.

You pulled me into a side hug and held me there,
Taking in the beauty I saw as well.
“This is awesome. Now I get why you always come out here. Always something new to find.”
Those words full of sincerity,
And I look at you in awe.
“Who knew Scrub, ladybugs.”

We never found this place,
But it is my favorite place to meet you in.
Only in my dreams,
Where our laughter will echo in forever.
Your birthday is coming up.. I got plans haha HEALTHY ones this time 😅😅
Martin Bond Nov 2020
I slept
in the wings
of a carnivore
she just fly away
far away.
Written by Martin Bond 00sleven:)
sunprincess Jul 2018
When one thousand years has passed us by,
I hope mother earth is still beautiful
And there's fruit trees and grass so green,
And fresh air to breathe that's clean

There's animals alive of every variety,
fireflies, ladybugs, and honeybees
I hope there's an amazing blue sky,
with songbirds together flying so high

And I hope most of all flowers still grow,
and there's a winter with falling snow
Denel Kessler Feb 2017
fallow winter does not bring
peace to the restless soul
finger-licked, waiting
on subtle winds shifting
for the tropical taste
of exotic droplets of rain
a salt-stained remembrance
in this time of dreaming

red-light ladies hatch
in raftered minds
a mass awakening
beneath hardened shell
freedom awaits wings
a collective opening
an essential
wraiths Aug 2015
i don't know where one song ends
and another poem starts,
but i do know that i need to detach myself from you.

i wish i wish i wish -
honey, there aren't enough 11:11's in a lifetime
to keep sitting on your *** waiting for a dream to come true.

pulling out your eyelashes is cheating,
and even if you're only killing ladybugs, it's still ******.
so step on the cracks, walk under a ladder,
punch the mirror when you dont like the reflection staring back.

but then do something about it.
wipe your bloodied knuckles with the cotton towel in the bathroom
and pick the glass out that's caked into your dried skin.
hold your middle fingers up to bad luck and get a **** haircut.
give a real smile and buy clothes you actually like.
glue your mirror back together and be proud of what you've made yourself into.

— The End —