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Warren 18h
As I peer over the edge of this cliff,
Into uncertainty,
The bile rises in my throat,
It’s familiarity a truthful testament to my existence,
Teetering on the edge.
No one sees the strings attached behind me,
The other ends lost in the hands of the incapable,
Ironic that the only power they hold,
Is ultimately all the power I depend on,
Loosen their grip and I slide closer to the depths of desolation,
If they pull together then I’ll be saved,
But they aren’t aware of the limbo they influence,
So focused on their greed they don’t see my strings in their hands,
Every waking hour I recite words of encouragement,
I lend an ear,
Offer a shoulder,
Plead and profess in the hope they will listen,
But I’m fighting blind,
All the time my eyes are focused on the darkness below that reaches for me.
I don’t even see those that I try in vain to command,
Some days my confidence sustains me,
They listen,
Pull me back from the edge,
Give me moments of peace and fragments of relief,
Then they drown my voice in their petty squabbles and loosen their grip,
I slip,
The bile returns and I find myself teetering once again.
I don’t know why I haven’t lost it,
Jumped into the void just to save my own remnants of sanity,
Often I think it would be better to deal with the darkness that awaits,
Than wrestle with the insanity of fools,
Maybe I’m the biggest fool,
For allowing myself to be tied to the end of a madman’s noose,
It no longer  matters how I ended up here,
Only how long I can live with it.
If I didn’t care I would of jumped long ago,
But I do,
And that’s my kryptonite,
That why I’m scared to scream at the insolent,
To command my requests in words they can’t mistake,
Because if there’s a chance to coax a rescue,
To wrestle a reprieve from the minds of my ignorant masters,
Then I’ll fight for it.
But it’s hard,
Every second of every hour of every day,
It’s hard to be this puppet,
With a painted smile and a funny dance,
I make my watchers laugh,
Never will they know what is happening on the other end of my strings,
They’ll never even see them,
No one else know how little control I have,
And why should they,
I’m a puppet on a string,
And I invited the puppeteers,
You want to know the real kicker,
I have scissors,
I could cut my strings at anytime,
I’m not scared to fall,
I’m scared to give up.
Fallings easy,
For the weak,
I refuse to fall,
Regardless of who holds my strings,
I refuse to fall.
Warren Jul 9
When I look at you,
I see my eyes,
We share our truths and hide our lies,
When you laugh I feel the laughter too,
When you cry known that I’m crying with you,
Because your my sister,
Your my soul,
Your a part of me that makes me whole,
A million miles or across the street,
We’ll always share the same heart beat,
It doesn’t matter where you go,
Or what you choose to do,
Our bond is unconditional,
As is my love for you.
Warren Jul 9
Breath of fresh air they called you,
About time he met a good women they said,
Help straighten his head,
Keep his **** out of bed.
But my brother was fine,
He didn’t need saving,
But you knew that.
It was you that was craving.
You had the curves and the looks,
It didn’t take much,
I knew when I met you that day,
That you’d take him away,
Lead him astray.
There was a look in your eyes,
A control in your actions,
Difficult to see,
Because you were the distraction,
We hardly saw him those first few weeks,
Mum said he was in love,
I wasn’t convinced,
She’d jump when the phone went,
But when she answered she’d wince,
Weeks turned to months,
Then mum got a call,
You turned up an hour later,
Your were the same but .... seemed small,
You’d had a fight,
You ate and you slept,
Mum wept,
She knew the signs,
Those thin bruised lines,
Like Scarlett vines,
Choking a shrine.
You were using,
Boozing and confusing and saying you were sorry but.....
I could see the worry.
You listened but didn’t hear,
She saw guilt but I saw fear,
You got angry and left,
It was a clever theft,
Mum never said but I knew she was shaken,
She’d of given if you’d asked,
It was what you did,
Not what you’d taken.
I came to see you one night,
Found the address in mums book,
Number 12 I took,
Knocked on the door and she looked shocked I was there,
She didn’t care,
Said you were out so I asked to come in,
Asked where you’d been,
She’d gotten much thinner,
And had sores on her skin.
She told me to go,
I shouted your name,
The words left my lips aching in pain,
“My brothers on drugs and your to blame,”
She called me insane,
Slammed the door,
I remember rain.
I walked home that night and the rain hid my tears,
I never told mum of my trip,
Or my fears,
But I will one day,
I’m not sure when,
Because I don’t think I’ll ever -
See my brother again.
Warren Jul 9
I will gladly bare your cross,
To be forced to take a knee,
I will shoulder your loss,
Because your pain will set me free,
Let your rage become my sorrow,
If it lets you see tomorrow,
I will gladly bare your cross,
So you can see.

I’ll be steadfast in defence,
To let you breathe,
I’ll be your seventh sense,
Your last reprieve,
Let me return the love you gave,
I’ll be the one that’s brave,
I’ll be steadfast in defence,
To set you free.
Warren Jul 9
My beliefs are not yours to decry,
My choices have never been yours to defy
I am the fear that brings your reply,
Born from a fire that will not die,
My existence isn’t for you to judge,
What I stand for isn’t yours to begrudge,
No longer a slave to this tedious drudge,
For my will is too strong for you to budge.
You can witness my rise from where you stand,
You can feel my flames burn through this land,
For all that I do has long been planned,
Since I was ripped from the wombs of your ******.
Warren Jul 9
I’ll survive,
Maybe not the complete person I once was,
Maybe not with all my strength,
But I will survive,
Maybe not unscathed,
Maybe with a few more scars upon my skin,
But I will survive,
Maybe more cautious than I once was,
Maybe less trusting than I want to be,
But I will survive,
Maybe with regrets for not leaving sooner,
Maybe with an air of ‘What if’s”
But I will survive,
Maybe I’ll never get back what you’ve taken,
Maybe I’ll never find my happily ever after,
But I will survive,
Maybe with the knowledge of who you have made me,
Maybe with the acceptance of who you’ve forced me to become,
But I will survive,
Maybe I’m the result of my own ignorance,
Maybe I’m the proof of my own denial,
But I will survive,
Maybe I’ve already accepted my fate,
Maybe I know exactly what awaits me,
Because I will survive,
Maybe in cuffs and chains,
Maybe denied of freedom,
But I’ll be free,
Because I will of survived.
Warren Jul 9
Every lie incurs a debt to the truth,
Oppression runs down the cheeks of our children,
For what is greatness when built on the foundations of weakness,
What is progress when it’s cost is greater than its accomplishments,
Every domino accelerates the damage,
Voices are silenced,
Honesty gets mistaken for betrayal,
The sacrifice of one can save the lives of the many,
But are you willing to be that one,
To leave a grieving wife,
For your children to grow up fatherless,
The sacrifice of the one - is a sacrifice of many,
What is the blind perseverance to never admit mistakes,
It doesn’t show strength or determination,
Only arrogant denial at the cost of a nation,
And even when the castles crumble,
And their walls lay waste in the seas of time,
Even then those responsible take no responsibility,
Even then the red blood of the innocent stains the steps of their red sanctuary,
Even then the world looks on in wonder,
What is this lunacy we call law and order,
When the orders are given by those that create the law.
I apologise for the daily desecration of my people,
I look on in hope that a brighter day will come,
And I pray that somewhere there is a justice,
For all of this.
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