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brandon nagley Jul 2016

Behold mine Jane


The star's and the rain
As us doth come
And go.


Though in the amount
Of hour's left; I shalt blow
Mine breath, into thy


Home sweet home,
I am with thee; verily
Mine queen, I've been


Trapped in this bed-
Spirit burdened, many
Demon's hate this light
That God hath started.


They do mark me
With their reptilian nails;
Though one day all
Their evil shalt fail.


And whilst I fight, I won't give in,
Mine glow doth shine, betwixt many men;
As ourn Creator bought us as one in him,
Soulmates, best friends, this heart doth yearn.


O' this heart doth yearn, a fervent burn,
Awaiting for thy buss of roses, sweet, serenading;
Creating heavenly poses.


On the right Christ
On the left side Moses; none losing focus,
With the mountain scented view.


None goodbye's, but to say
I do; a place always new;
As loving wilt be the
Highest command.


We'll bury ourn worries
In the ocean sand's; as
Thou shalt take mine hand,
With seraphim to be ourn


Catch mine breath
And touch mine

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedicated( agapi mou )
Behold- See or observe.( Mean see)
Doth- does. Or do. ( This one using as does).
Sickly- poor health.
Verily,- truly.
Hath- have also means has. ( Mean this as has).
Reptilian-relating to or characteristic of reptiles.
Whilst- while.
Mine- meaning ( my) archaic form!
Betwixt- between.
Ourn- our.
Fervent- hot or glowing, mean this as glowing.
Thy- your.
Buss- kiss.
Pose- pose- assume a particular attitude or position in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.
Wilt- will
Seraphim- an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.
brandon nagley Dec 2015

Mine love and I art stellar,
We cometh from an open
Window; through the here-
After's crystalline propeller.


Mine lass is pure, she
Passed from an ancient
Door, one of cherubic
Amour', O' almighty
God; thou hast sent
A rod of electrical


Whilst the sod neath
Me and Jane's feet shalt
Cook to a swelter; and the
Globe explodes with demonic
Soul's into satanic shelter's, and
Whilst humans killeth, stealeth,
Driveth out; and thus plunder.
Me and mine consort earl-jane
Sardua-nagley, shalt be secured
And endureth, the spell that the
Globe's under.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose) dedicated
brandon nagley Dec 2015

օ' օʍղíԹɾҽՏҽղԵ ցօժ
հօա ҍӀҽՏՏҽժ í ɑʍ ƒɾօʍ Եհҽҽ:
հօա ҍӀҽՏՏҽժ í ɑʍ,
աíԵհ զմҽҽղ յɑղҽ'Տ հɑղժ'Տ
íղ ʍɑɾíԵɑӀ օԹԹօɾԵմղíԵվ.


օ' íղѵíղϲíҍӀҽ ʍɑƘҽɾ
í'ӀӀ ҍɾҽɑԵհҽԵհ ҽѵҽɾվ ӀɑՏԵ ҍɾҽɑԵհ
աíԵհ ɾҽվղɑ յɑղҽ íղ ʍíղҽ ɾҽՏԹҽϲԵՏ:
ɑ ϲɾօաղ մԹօղ հҽɾ հҽɑժ í ՏհɑӀԵ ժҽϲƘ
ɑ ɾíղց Եօ աҽժ íղ աҽժժҽժ ժɾҽՏՏ,
ԵɾɑղՏƒօɾʍíղց, ʍɑƘíղց օղҽ
մղíԵҽժ ʍօօղ'Տ
ҍҽղҽɑԵհ Եհҽ Տմղ.
աօղժҽɾ ɑաҽ
ϲհօՏҽղ օղҽՏ
ϲհíӀժ ԹӀɑվ ƒմղ.
ѵօաՏ օƒ հɑɾԹՏ
ɑղժ ՏԵɾíƘíղց ҍҽӀӀՏ.
Եհҽ օϲҽɑղՏ Տաɑվ
ահíӀՏԵ հҽɑѵҽղ Եօ ժաҽӀӀ.
ƒɾҽҽ ɑՏ ՏօմӀՏ
ԵօԹԹӀíղց հҽӀӀ.
օϲҽɑղ ԵմɾԵӀҽ'Տ
աíԵհ ҍɾíցհԵ ցɾҽҽղ ՏհҽӀӀ'Տ.

©ҍɾɑղժօղ ղɑցӀҽվ
©ҽɑɾӀ. յɑղҽ. ղɑցӀҽվ. ժҽժíϲɑԵҽժ. (ƒíӀíԹíղօ. ɾօՏҽ)
©ӀօղҽՏօʍҽ ԹօҽԵՏ. ԹօҽԵɾվ
If you can't read poem it reads


O' omnipresent God
How blessed I am from thee;
How blessed I am,
With queen Jane's hand's
On marital opportunity.


O' invincible maker
I'll breatheth every last breath
With Reyna Jane in mine respects;
A crown upon her head I shalt deck
A ring to wed in wedded dress,
Transforming, making one
United moon's
Beneath the sun.
Wonder awe
Chosen one's
Child play fun.
Vow's of harps
And striking Bell's.
The ocean's sway
Whilst heaven to dwell.
Free as soul's
Toppling hell.
Ocean turtles
With bright green shell's.
brandon nagley Sep 2015

Through ourn year's
Through ourn year's;
Beyond death mine love.


When thing's
Get bad;
And day's get tough.


It's already been
(Thirty) twenty-four hours;
Happy one month anniversary, Filipino flower.


I looketh ahead
To eternity's bed;
With ourn plume's to toucheth, garbing ourn head's.


How fortunate I am
O' how privileged I am;
To haveth mine queen, the one of mine dream's, a gem in hand.

(HAPPY 1st anniversary Queen Earl Jane nagley)

©Brandon nagley
©Earl Jane nagley dedication/ 30 day anniversary
©Lonesome poet's poetry
Actually anniversary would of been yesterday for me and really today for jane lol because me and Jane are twelve hours apart exactly when its AM here its PM there or switched around... So yesterday was mine anniversary with her due to time zones and today's her anniversary for me hahahaha.  Meant to post this yesterday but had already made her anniversary gift on Facebook reciting poem vid hahah. Happy 30 days queen earl Jane nagley.. As I look forward to an eternity with you in life and beyond moreee baby me moreeeeee!!!!! Hahahahaha

— The End —