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Grace Jun 2019
My biggest flaw is my impatience,
my inability to ignore temptations...

I always skip ahead,
which "defeats the point" you said,

"Curiosity killed the cat,"
you warned me too,
But... "Satisfaction bought it back,"
is the ending that I always knew

I cannot resist that euphoria,
from the last page of our story, a-

-book of two strangers
battling imagined dangers

If only I was less enticed by,
abundant sweet nothings, oh my..

In hindsight, I should have listened,
ignored the false sense of bliss and,

carried on without spoilers, for..
the journey would mean much more,

than this epilogue which left me reeling,
from emotions only I am feeling

But still, I refuse to accept,
that this chapter in which we met,

is somehow more meaningful,
as a tragedy, ending this.. uncheerful..

It cannot all be for nothing,
the moral of the story...
must be something..

Hidden, subconscious but still, remaining,
Please, I beg, tell me you are feigning-

-this abrupt conclusion,
this cold, harsh illusion..

What remains is..

a thousand questions that cannot be put to rest,
awakened in the presence of your disinterest

I'm left in this state of transcendence-

-into disarray, from the broken final...

This was written with the intention of being a spoken piece so that's why there are pauses and breaks (shown by the hyphens)
Grace May 2019
"It would hurt me", he whispered softly under the protective blanket of the night.

He held her closer in his arms, "You are my everything."

He paused. "It upsets me to see you unhappy. I want nothing more than your happiness..."

Another pause.

"So I understand if you left. If you left me, if you left this world."

He struggled to find the right words.

"I'd understand but it would still hurt."
Grace Mar 2019
even sleep no longer provides relief
once a safe haven
from the restless, overactive
thoughts that never
increasingly nightmarish

realism interspersed with subconscious fears
the clever subtlety of imagination
thoroughly intertwined, entangled
veiling the dubious line
no longer distinguishable
between reality?

awake? or simply a false awakening?
Grace Feb 2019
my walls were so high
yet still you climbed

i pushed you away
yet still you return

i mess up
yet still you forgive

i wasn't looking
(oh trust me i wasn't)
but still i found you
i dread the day my poems are injected with sadness from your disappearance
Grace Aug 2017
sometimes i forget that i
exist so
desire me, require me
am i not the oxygen that keeps you alive
the very oxygen that could set you alight

skin on skin,
right left and centre
blazing trails along my spine

set my lungs on fire
watch as i burn alive
from my stomach to my throat
burn me up, liquified fire
melting into my brain, setting my nerves aflame
i had no idea what to name this poem, if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know, thank you in advance :')
Grace Aug 2017
i miss things that ive never had;

i miss the way you never stroked my hair
i miss the way you never held me in your arms
i miss the way you never said you liked me
i miss your non existent embraces, your content smiles,
how you refused to tie my laces
and how we never tried new things together
how we didnt go on adventures,
how we didnt explore the world

these are things i imagined because
most of all
i miss the way you never noticed me when i have,

been here the entire time.
Grace Aug 2017
today i kept thinking i saw you,
with your ***** blond hair and
awkward smile
your self confident stride
and sense of style

my heart jumped each time
at the mere idea of your presence,
as my body has yet to unlearn
its reaction to you

every time i see you
you never flinch or even glance my way
you walk closer
and then suddenly
it's not

my eyes flit down
i realise i was staring
my mouth involuntarily makes
a small disappointed 'o'
i realise i was holding my breath

but the very next second
my eyes flick back
and imagine your presence all over

no matter how far away you are,
miles, hours or oceans away
im still determined to find
you in every crowd
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