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  11h R L
im not gonna do what you think im gonna do.
im not gonna say what you think im gonna say.
im not gonna yell like you think im gonna yell.
im gonna stay,
and say to you
ill always love you
  11h R L
Thomas W Case
There, in the
tide pool, dappled by
the sun, is birth and death,
and the spark that continues.
It leaves mankind in a wake of regret.
What have I to do with the albatross
Or sea lion?
I can but write, while they fly and roar.
I gaze upon the Pacific from this rock,
all its mysteries and grandeur.
I am inferior, while it forever reigns with every wave and break of light.
R L 3d
decisions, dilemmas
and terrible thoughts,
keeping up with my tears
until i face a drought,
my face frozen in a frown,
and i've crashed onto the ground,
so i'm stuck in this body and stuck in this mind,
and i've nowhere to go
and i can't look behind.
  3d R L
blotched paper
It’s not easy to

I’m afraid that’s all I’ll ever be.
But you won’t.

Because you’re good enough for you, and you’re good enough for me.
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