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  Dec 2021 R L
Hannah Richburg
I thought if I could swallow the stars
I’d be as beautiful as the evening sky
I tried one night    with fireflies
They burned my throat
Their legs striking at soft flesh
But my skin did not glow
No moon crawled from my eye sockets
I was left with corpses in my stomach
I soon learned I would only ever be
A cemetery
R L Dec 2021
I’m battling with the thoughts inside my head.

Some want me to live,
and some want me dead.

I keep fighting the anger,
And fighting the dread.

I’m hanging on to my sanity
by the end of a thread.
R L Nov 2021
Every day is blurred together,
an hour feels less,
a minute takes forever.
Emotions erased,
feeling confused,
I’m simply nothing,
My life has no use.
  Nov 2021 R L
going home isn’t always
returning to a place.
it is returning to yourself.
  Nov 2021 R L
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
  Oct 2021 R L
where hate ain't between us,

and my soul stands still,

from a sad seat of rust.

where seas of time stand rough,

when skins aren't just weapons,

just to justify us.

i can't see you in moonlight,

but i'll catch you in the rain.

only spoken words can keep me sane.
  Oct 2021 R L
if I could catch the wordless clouds,

falling from your mouth,

God forbid i break your heart.

but what about addiction,

does it void my fear and insecurities,

the way I came from nothing,

when there's nothing left to leave?

i still picture my heart,

in an always interrupted parking lot,

where we both feared getting shot.
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