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A life well lived always includes some sort of mischief,
a healthy balance at least – nothing malicious:
it’s just part of the business,
                                                 it’s why the sound of laughter is so mouthwateringly delicious
                                and spontaneity
                                brings one to their knees it’s so ******* religious!  
What I’m trying to say is:
         to laugh
                        with life.
                                                  Simply put,
              there’s just too much humor to not share your light.
ranveer joshua Sep 2019
my mind longs for an adventure
my soul seeks for spontaneity
my heart yearns for a carpe diem
but am i ready?
Richie Feb 2019
Spontaneity is too rare to happen if you're talking to a complete stranger.
Though, your heart can easily read and understand the person's individuality.

When I met you, my mind dictates that he isn't the one.
But, my heart fights for it, whispering lines that you wanted to hear, feeding your mind with the right emotion.

It brings so much joy and profound happiness knowing that we're able to keep the conversation going no matter how the topics get.
When I'm with you, hours feel like seconds. It just slips by unknowingly.

Amidst all these, there's just one thing that I want to ask from you.
Please be serious about me.
It's too early to say this but I see you as someone whom I can be with until I get old.
And, I assure you, there's not a thing that I hide from you.

Thank you for coming into my life. For allowing me to be silly, to be loud, to be like a child.
Above all, I thank you for allowing God to be in the center as to what we have now.

As they say, 'Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are".
Aa Harvey May 2018
This is important…to you

With life comes expectation’s, we only disappoint.  
With love comes expectation’s.  I have to disappoint.  
They tell me I must celebrate getting closer to the end.  
I tell them I don't want to and I don't have to, without a girlfriend.

With love you are obligated.  Without I am free to choose.  
They tell me it is another opportunity wasted,
To find someone I do,
Want to fall in love with;
I could end the night with a kiss.  
I say there are three hundred and sixty four other days
And she would find me any other time, if she truly knew me.  

I do not wish celebrate this day,
So come back tomorrow and try again.  
If you are only willing to try to love me once,
Then we will never find a way, so I think you should bounce.
If love is not committed, then tell me, what is it?  
If love has rules that I must follow religiously,
Then where is the spontaneity?  

I want love at first sight and true insight,
Not being forced to be happy this night.  
If I must, then I will begrudgingly
And I will wear a plastic smile and empty eyes;
So tell me if they will still want me?
If you cannot understand my reasons,
Then there is no helping you.  
I will not be helped to help myself, no matter what the season.  
I will remain in oblivion,
Searching for the driven,
Waiting again for passion,
To call out my name.  

I carry my pain in a box of misfortune,
As I walk alone down memory lane.  
Your glass is half full, my soul is shattered.
Happy Birthday...doesn't matter.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
S K Anderson Apr 2018
There's nothing new under the sun.

I don't think I'll ever get over
that phrase.
Because honestly,
I'll always feel like I have
something to contribute.

Born to late to explore the world,
science is all I got left.


leave me something
I was feeling hopeless that day.
I wish I could tell myself that it would be ok!
Things get better!
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Looking to the future.

Rushing to find the *** of gold at the end of the rainbow,
Will only leave you missing its beauty
And always looking for tomorrow.
To wish to have the future, handed to you like a present,
Will leave you left in a perpetual state of regret.

Don’t forever spend your time looking forward;
Live in the now before you miss it.
What will be, will be, you can’t change the future.
Your destiny has already been written
And you can’t change what you didn’t tell her.

It surely is a shame that you’re rushing to your deaths.
Slow down, relax, there’s plenty of time yet.
You have a whole life to live, stop risking it so;
Stop and look around.  Live today, not tomorrow.

If there’s something you wish to see;
Put your life on hold, tomorrow may be too late.
If there’s a place, you dream you could be,
Make it so; don’t let it become another missed opportunity.
Another chance you didn’t take;
But don’t miss the Heaven, in front of you now.
Seize this chance at purity,
Before you’re floating up into the clouds.

Embrace the now; don’t just reach for the future,
For that you can never get your hands upon.
Call in sick and just lay here with each other,
For some time in the future,
You may be waiting for this moment to come.

Be spontaneous, make a choice and go with it,
There’s no telling where it could lead;
That’s why it is so exciting.
This day could be your last, or it could change your life,
So be content with what you have now
And leave tomorrow out of sight.

Kiss her lips, hold her hand,
Say “I love you!”  Again and again and again
And make sure you mean every word you say to her,
For tomorrow something could change,
Your opinions of each other.
But I’m sure it won’t; you’ll last forever,
If you can both truly stay faithful and love one another.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
If you think of others as objects,
it is because you take yourself to be one.
What you call 'you' is a projection of a lonely soul
onto an innocent universe.

Certain moments steal away such identification:
a kiss can quench the thirst for connection,
and when you see a snake on your path
you simply run—the mind is silent!

Confined to a masked existence,
you think you need to upgrade to a better version.
I say, Take off the mask:
you'll find yourself at a home you never really left.

There'll be such spontaneity,
such love. for hand-written version.
Amy H Sep 2017
An hour planned
an evening stolen;
time fleeing on it’s wings
dropping silver feathers round our feet.
I found one by morning light
lifting it to see it right.
It was your voice, your laugh
your whisper against my cheek.
These like prizes for taking heart,
leaping one more time,
I found treasure.
Rewards for faith to seek.
Expect the unexpected, but to have it, you have to take a chance.
SQUID Aug 2017
Of all the ways I know,
writing's the fastest,
in head, out mouth,
out hand, out there.
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
I said to her
You know, you scare me
That in all seriousness
You may be that one girl whom pushes the one button no one has ever thought to look for

I'm not quite sure though
I mean the boss is around but no one thinks the possibility of saying
Hey what the hell does this button do.

Will anything happen at all

Will alarms go off, horns blaring
Arms tucked at our side running like hell
I mean if anything was to happen we could always blame it on the guy standing next to us
All in good fun,
I suppose persistence isn't the argument
A civil unrest that leads into the most random conversations
Appearing in the most oddest of places doing nothing
Riding the clock amazed at why we've never thought to do this before
The complacent thought

Not troubled by the thrill

a moth flies dangerously close to the flame

A constant change
The flame.

Existing in the real world
The trouble of time
To be honest life without you is simply boring
Wheres the thrill in anything
That chance in getting caught doing the one thing you truly want to do
The one track mind of micromanagement

The constant nag and *******
The leisure of it all
Without the need to look over our shoulder
Except sneaking over to the back office no one ever goes to

This is life with you

This is life without you as well
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