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SQUID Aug 2017
Nervous teeth under ice
Tiny voice repeats
Chattering pins
Seized each warm hair
SQUID Aug 2017
can't swallow frozen spit
the menu crumbles
no waiter waits
cold salt soup steams
SQUID Aug 2017
Stuck in the lift again.
- "You're meant to go down."
- "I'm going up!"
- "You're going down."
SQUID Aug 2017
Sometimes I don't finish
Some things I begin
Somehow, sometimes,
Something ATE it!
SQUID Aug 2017
Now I miss my painting.
Hologram lizards
Delectful trees
Green tomatoes.
While everyone was away, I decided to go for it and rip down my old art. I'd just been to the Royal Academy Art Summer Show and absorbed near 1000 pieces of art so I wanted to move on. Then someone emailed to ask to buy it. That painting had been on the wall since I was at school, about 19 years.   Irritating me. Why now? Yes - life IS that strange. I think it was a test.

I could try sellotaping it back together.
SQUID Aug 2017
Didn't sharp my pencil.
Years went by until...
One day, I did,
and .... WHAT A NOISE!!!!
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