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Isaac Jun 19
The wind whispers in my ear to take a leap
With blind fate trust divine fate
A fool balancing on a thin line, straight to heaven
But my death could be my investment

But if I don't go I'll have thoughts of regret that overflow
My cups of abundance
Always second-guessing your loving but never could really know
But I take off my rose coloured glasses and close my eyes

Let my intuition and your vibe be the guide
To carefully step, one at a time
Until next thing I know I am falling to die

The abrasive breeze suddenly carrying me
Spirit would never let me plummet to my demise
The wind underneath my wings eager to save my life
Next time I won't negotiate in my mind
Just simply walk the line
Fear of the unknown and what I've known
Stephanie Oct 2018
It was in those days
That I left everything I knew
And it was in those days
Peering over the lake of volcanos
That I sensed my first
piece of

It was in those days that I
up the cobblestone hills
No longer accompanied by
family and friends of familiarity

I walked amidst the shadow
Of the universe
I relished it's companionship
It's introduction to the people and experiences
I was meant to encounter

When I was afraid
It pushed me further
Showed me a thing of beauty
Reminded me
What it was to
Truly exist

In those days my heart smiled
Through the loneliness
Through the unknown
Through the broken hearts of a
World forgotten
I saw beauty in the ruins
Felt my body resonate with the
deepest pulse of the universe
In those days
I felt whole
SoZaka Sep 2018
a dove in mid flight
    good ideas come to light
     as my head rests on the pillow
in the depths of a dream

a clear eyed mind
a window to look within
newly grown wings
and so better
a view from above
better to be aware of the world around you. Rather than lost in thought
It takes me to a place
I've been before
A land of giants, legends
gods and lore

Pulling me into
the darkest light
to guide my spirit
to Supernova bright

I shunned the hand
that's always spoken
for my soul...
to lead a so-called proper life

But now it screams
as I open my eyes:
to a meaning, a purpose,
a gift... my life
vera Mar 2018
Imagine a single breath,
left alone in a hollow chest.

Grey seeping into white
Color bleeding out like a pen,

Violating the marrow of my bones.
The blue-black of my veins,
Lost against my feathery skin.

The union of so many memories,
Real and imagined.

Black blazers shrouding me,
with prayers and tears.

Convinced in the everlasting,
As much as I was for awakenings,
I close my eyes (and dream).
Colm Apr 2017
You should expect no human to satisfy you
To meet the need or the needful want
You will only find a distraction there
Be it a beautiful or a most handsome one

But instead look up to beyond the sky
And find yourself there in he who will not fall
Because when you wake from a distracting dream
It can certainly make you question it all
I struggle all the time.
Amitav Radiance May 2015
An illusionary sleep
Has taken over every soul
Eyes wide open
Yet the vision is blurred
Every step is a stupor
Across broken paths
Not an inch of freedom
Spaces are traps
Detached from the soul
Every waking hour a tribulation
Truth swept under the delusion
Under an unknown spell
Magic wand instructs every move
It’s time to wake up
From an illusionary sleep
Amitav Radiance May 2015
Glide till the end of time
Break away from the illusion
Experience a smooth ride
With the harmonious waves
Big sea of nothingness
Plunge deeper and swim alone
Experience the tides of change
Away from where you have been
Now you are free of everything
Float in the vast sea of oneness
Soul is fluid and adaptable to truth
Free flow of energy through eternity
You are nothingness and everything
AD Mullin Oct 2014
7 fires
3 pools
mind | body | spirit
soul expanding
past the body
into the slipstream
venturing through the
of our collective
from the
river of
filling our
Published at the James Joyce
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