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Rai Espigar Aug 26
Isn't it crazy how we are born only to die
How our journey is measured only through years
How our existence is just about taking up space

And so we wait...
We wait for something spectacular to happen
Like a chaos that could lead to peace,
Like a Big Bang or a Supernova
Something like fireworks and brights lights
Like falling stars or falling in love...

And then I met you
You are my "something spectacular"
The fireworks to my existence
A Big Bang that caught me by surprise
Your love is like a supernova in my heart
The best things in life are not only free, but comes unexpectedly. The thrill of the surprise will make you feel alive. Let it make you shine. Let the fire stay in your heart and keep it forever and use it to be better.
Rai Espigar Jan 2018
I am not quite sure of the place I'm in
My eyes are tired, and my heart; confused
As if walking through an uncertain road
And when I try to run, nothing seems to unfold

And as I gathered up my tears
For the hundredth time tonight
Alone with my thoughts
Looking at the orange street light

I ask myself again,
Where am I?

Where am I?
not in place,
not in time
But where am I in life?
still clueless about how to live my life and how scary the future is :(
Rai Espigar Jan 2018
Why am I not excited about the future?
Isn't it supposed to give me thrills?
But the idea of not knowing what comes next
has scared me ever since
Uncertainty is the most frightening thing of all
For tomorrow may not exist. Who knows?
Rai Espigar Sep 2017
I used to write hate
on a shiny piece of paper
written with ink
that shines like glitter

But now I've realized
I have written shadows on the light
My notes dont deserve darkness and my thoughts shouldnt be blind

And though all was done
it was a zillion minutes ago,
A part of me says
it's time to let go

Let the shadows of my thoughts
be doomed through the light of fire
Let only be ashes remained
Of my once ignorant mind

Let this poem be my reminder
of the shadows I have burned,
Of the hate I once loved
That I have boldly betrayed

Rai Espigar | Dec 26, 2015
I hated this person for so many years, so long that I already forgot the reasons why. After the Christmas of 2015 I found an old hate note I wrote about her and I was shocked on how disgusted I was. Right there I realized that hate doesn't need to be written and saved. Influenced by the hopeful Christmas songs (hahah!) I decided to burn it and forget about the hate. Well, you know what they say "give love on Christmas day"
Rai Espigar Sep 2017
Love cannot be measured by color red
For it bears more than just the color of blood
And more than the idea of your pumping heart

It cannot be measured by any means
You cannot say how deep it could be
For love is love, and love is still
If you love someone, you never change, you stay, you always will.

Because love is a once in a lifetime hit
Not like a shooting star with unli wish
And it may have its different kinds
We really cant tell love based on our silly signs

And though your quest for love
Might lead you to your first heartbreak
From a once happy, now aching heart
What a tragic twist of fate

But as you fall into the depths
Of confusion, doubt and pain
One person will again hold your heart
Trying to put you back in place

But know that we're still young and free
You know, there's still much to see
Kisses and hugs and monthsaries
Are not the only reasons to be happy

Don't seek love to hit your way
Don't take Cupid's own play
Because "love at first sight" isn't true
True love is "growing old with you"
Not quite sure with the title so...

— The End —