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Yassine Jan 2019
Call me a scenarist in a fake space
Lost Between who I could be and who I am
Never been satisfied by reality more than dreams
I wake up in an extravagant desert and see it rain
I walked down the hall and called it a hall of fame
You choose your destiny, fighting your peers for resources money and fame
And I, I die every single day to amaze my brain And keep myself sane.
Van Byrde Oct 2018
Her heel is adorned with rubies
her temple with sapphires
her calf is painted in gold
and her glorious thighs in kohl

The curve of her hip is tucked in lapis
the swell of her breast is caressed by jade
skin so rich she shines like onyx
eyes so warm she can make a man

This is all she wears
iamtheavatar Jun 2015
Gazing* into the void—

with his pen going
to and fro onto a blank page:
just like two lovers
kissing each other,
repressing a momentary qualm,
exhuming the extravagant proof
of their existence

—is the writer,

lashing out
every synapse of his brain

for nothing.

**iamthe_avatar ©2015
Meg Howell Jan 2015
Everything can be poetic if you look at it that way

The way you smile and good off at yourself while brushing your teeth

The way the laundry does cartwheels in the machine

The way your curly hair falls right behind your ears

The way you smirk whilst trying not to laugh

The way you stifle a giggle at your crazy life

There is extravagance in the most normal of things we barely glance over

— The End —