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Daniel eason Dec 2018
As time go's by i wonder why
Did i do this for a reason
Stop acting like theres no change of season

Mystical borderlines which separate the unconcious and reailty
Might just be what we need to grasp you see

Visualisations of landscapes
Sat in one place but i feel the escape

Codes, manuscripts and hidden information
Might make more sense
Once the creation
Has been done correctly
The only way it can be

Trial and error
Everyday is its own
First or last
Present and past

This train ride has never been so fast
I want it to last
But it doesnt
I feel like the tracks are broken beyond repair
All i wish is to be back to square
A poem about my life
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
Once again I feel like exploding
Tear it up before it lets me down
Inside out and I never feel like trying
I hate it more than you will ever need to know

Borderline and thoughts written in margins
It's not enough to get me through today
Always thinking I haven't got enough time
Hard to believe it's only a lifetime away
This is a poem I wrote in my first copy of The Catcher in the Rye, which I no longer have in my possession. Dug this up in an old conversation.

— The End —