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was she naked

she was kissing her again
her wings styled
what form she has taken
breath like cool rains mint
her feathers dance to catch me
falling through clouds
further through
she has
awoken me
these flames
her breath
prodigiouly vigorous dancing

oh our moods
still here
love me
love me
hold me
you liar
i love you
more than that
we would never
love you from
the dark
you could never

Imran Islam Jul 2017
I saw her on Halloween
She was wearing Snow White
It makes her look like a teen
She's just full of delight
It was Ray, beauty queen.

Her smiles were shining
Like the sea moonlight
Her mood was charming
In Snow White
It's for Halloween.

Truly, I have seen Willow
White, black blue red yellow
Snow White was her fellow
And opened up her window
Looking for Halloween.

Renee's at her room
Looks like a broom
She's smiling at noon
Likes a silver moon
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween
Enjoy the Halloween Night.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
I forgot when I
Plucked you
From the rose bush
You had thorns

The blood dripping
From my heart
Reminded me
You still hurt
hunny Aug 2015
ruby red
dreams last
until morning
your heart shaped scar isn't hiding today
pop a
cherry into your little mouth
and be real as can be
for today
III Sep 2014
My fingers get tangled
Between the fiery strands
Of her hair,

The strings of my heart
Restitched in cross-pattern arrays,
A web laced with black nail polish
And a deep, humbling green

That rolls through my body,
Much like the shock of chills do
When her lips brush against my own.
I'm not helping myself with my decision
Even if it is the best
I want her but I don't
I only want to be friends but
She really makes me want to kiss her
With that smile and that gleam
She just makes me want to
Explode in happiness
So I don't want to lose that because
Relationships don't usually work out
I don't want to lose our great conversations
Her stories that I could never write
Drawing her characters and bringing them to life
She's so amazing and
I don't want to lose her
Luckily I'm not in a position to be with her
Though that almost makes it
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
The iron drips from my fingers.
The man gives out a yell.
The child launches, she launches at me.
Sadly her launch had failed.
I chuckled at her, with no pity.
Her frightened face, what a laugh.
The person she’s crying for isn't worth dying for.
After all,
he was a bad man.
It’s funny, so funny, funny the fact.
The fact, she thought if she grabbed my neck then,
maybe, just maybe, maybe I’d die.
I laughed again and finally, I gave out a sigh.
“Poor child,” I said my voice left unchanged.
“You misunderstood. I shouldn't be ashamed.
Your idol has done so many bad things,
now he’ll pay for his sins of adultery,
in a place which this blind man cannot see.
She fell to the ground befalling her tears.
This was the end of her happy years.
What? Did she think it was a fairy tale life?
Reality is sharp, just like a knife.
I laughed at the fact I took his life,
with just one swing of my most dull scythe.
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