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From the ashes
38/M/Utopia    Writing is my food and my light. Cover art work by Keith Sloan, "Some cherish the love they see in the poet's eyes; others ...
between humanism and word    I try to fall in love with my life everyday. Its a daily struggle. I want to inspire and be inspired.


Cindy Long Jul 2017
Shes more than just a pretty face. Shes a hurricane. Demin and lace spun around like wind and rain. A princess that has long since lost her crown- its probably at the bottom of the pacific by now; stitched together with good intentions, lightning, and leather. Held to the ground by a chest harness, gagged with cotton, and her heart made to beat to the rhythm of thunder. Voice like the pounding of the sea against bluffs; breaking down barricades with one subtle stroke. Uprooting trees like she does her long blonde curls and nothing can calm her chaos-not cuffs or rope, not diamonds or pearls. Shes just a little harder to handle then most. Oceans plunder through the floodgates of her eyes at any given moment; parading through the coast, tumbling around with all the broken and bruised cement.
Shes all the abandoned throwns left to drown or freeze without power, warmth or shelter. The promise to do better and be better next time coaxing her further into the fray by her collar and leash but its always the same unpredicted weather. Shes both beauty and the beast- complete opposites chained together by her ankles and wrists. Poetry pouring from her luscious lips in a heavy mist; a coldfront may stall her out but shes still quick to spit with the flick of a whip. Shes deeper than she appears but her foundations crumble under the rubble of her own ivory skin. Broken coral stumbling through the empty halls of her soul-it takes it tole. Shes the act of god, something so vivid and yet so insane could only be brought on by the abundance of sin. A divine cause lost in plush-sweet and also ******; a unity of odd mixtures: vinegar and sugar. Cloudcover hiding the blisfulness of the sun and she cant help but blush. Shes altogether too much and all she leaves behind is death and decay-she destroys everything in her path But its not her fault; she got broken too while sitting in the lap of a tormado; wrapped her up, held her tight, then let her go.Any attempt to get back inside only left her trapped in scar tissue, She went crazy when he called her baby so its no wonder nothing survived. She may leave you with a mild breeze and a sky of orange and pink.She'll send seashells spiraling into you until you become debris..make you wonder what its like to live without the kink.
Unedited raw poem.
She got me in a some-sort-o' something when it comes to feelings. Bringin in peace, love, and all that comes so we're in a process of healing.
Oh shes got me.
Shes got me.
We're on a day light savings time when it comes to her because I can be her super hero and stop hell from hitting earth
Because shes got me.
Ohh shes got me.
She goes a long way and im here to stay. My miss lil lady. ❤. I miss my lady.
Like in a story she'd be the princes, The mistress, My miss anonymous and no body cant stop this.
She's The difference in my life that makes it all right, is our difference. It's her. We talk All day and night. We get along and never fight.
We built a fortis together with what we are and were Today, tomorrow, and the future. it feels right. Cause I know surely that i can Be there, she good For me, im good for her so No need to be scared.
no, no, no because Im here
And shes got me
You know i could use our lives, sit down, and write a book. Because this withdrawal from her makes me cope in a way that seems that Im hooked


I dont need drugs,


i dont need pills,

or bank...

...because i got her.
I got her.

She'll spend her last breathe on me
But i'd beg,
"No sweetie please!"
because I dont know what I'd do if she ever left me.
Dont you see? She's not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined and shes all mine.
She surely ain't a waste of my time
because shes got me.
Oh shes got me.
So, Dont you see? Shes not just one. Shes one of a kind and together one of me combined And shes all mine. So Sweetheart you surely aren't a waste of my time...
...Cause you've got me.

You've got me
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