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Sam Sep 22
We fight because we care
We don't fight often
But the rare times that we do
It always ends in
I love you

I love you.
I love you.
  Aug 4 Sam
it's simple really
you make smiling so easy
and the lingering feeling of sadness fade away

everything feels different
you're my minds favorite person
and for once i'm okay with this weird feeling

it's simple really
you're someone who makes me feel safe
and i would be okay seeing your smile everyday
Sam May 29
I woke up the next morning and looked over
There he was right next to me
Laying awake and staring
His beautiful eyes looking deeply into mine
This was a wonderful way to start our day

Then I made him pancakes
He really loves when I bake for him
He said he wanted to bake with me forever
Like my little assistant
Baking is very important to us

We sat together on the couch and made plans for the day
A fun little trip to Walmart
We needed more baking ingredients
He said he wanted to make pudding and a cute little cake
I smiled and happily agreed

We ran our errands and went back home
I sat down and he threw himself at me
He trusts me so much to catch him every time
I always do my best to keep him safe
We cuddled for a while while watching baking shows

We joke and cook and kiss all evening
Then it’s time for a shower
We love taking showers together
We love taking care of each other
It’s the most wholesome thing

Then we get into bed
I hold him or he holds me
We make sure the other is okay
Then we talk and talk and talk
Until we fall asleep again

We constantly say “I love you”
We make each other gifts
We have a ton of ***
We are “that couple”
We are so, so happy with each other

But I think we both agree that our absolute favorite type of day
Is the mundane day
I absolutely love these days with my amazing man. He’s the first person I could say that I can do absolutely nothing with and feel like we’re having the time of our lives. This is to my love, mi amor, my sweetheart. <3
Sam Mar 24
The sun was bright
Shining my life with light
Then the storm came
Now there’s  just rain
I’m going through one of the toughest times I’ve gone through in a while. When will it end?
Sam Feb 27
How often do it be like that?
Only sometimes

Just kidding
All the time

We always have fun together
Even when we’re sad or mad

But we always get through it
And enjoy each other’s company and love

I really love you
With my whole **** heart

God, you make me feel safe
And loved

We always have fun
And that’s the best feeling

I love you
Sam Feb 13
He is sad and he said that all he wants to do when he’s sad is cuddle up next to me and sleep but he can’t do that cause you’re not supposed to sleep in your binder. But he’s only sad because of dysphoria. ******* dysphoria has the ******* audacity to get in my mans head again and I want to kick its ***. But I can’t cause I can’t even handle my own and I can only imagine how he feels. I just want to hold him and let him talk to me about all his feelings while we slowly fall asleep together, but we can’t even do that and that *****. I just want him happy. I have never loved someone so much that I would do anything to just take his pain away and put it on myself so it wouldn’t hurt him.
Ugh, you don’t deserve all of this pain. I wish I could make it stop.
Sam Jan 29
It’s so crazy to think
That you would want to put up with me
For a whole month
And longer

I’m so glad I get to spend time with you
And hold you
And kiss your head
Every time you lean into me

The way you yawn and lazily move closer
You let me wrap my arms around you
And we stay that way for a while
Then you do the same for me

You hold me and make me feel safe
And warm
You’re so sweet
You’re so kind and loving

Thank you for loving me
For a whole month and more
Thank you for letting me love you
For hopefully many more months

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