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To wind I lend my ears,
her pranks instantly cheers, then
on our separate ways.
Egeria Litha Mar 9
It's a terrible sadness as friends encourage gladness

These words are coming from Attic
made of dust, mental bones, and metal woes

Inner worlds are static
becoming so dramatic
paralyzed by avoiding Choice

Chest is deep in emotions
Brain leaps away from Moment

I speak of these without articles
as separate entities
their own particles
making the front page
because that's what they are
Depression at its finest.
April  Feb 2018
April Feb 2018
Two different worlds
Two seperate skies
And only one that they can see

Inside my mind
When darkness falls
There is no other soul but me

Alone I pace
In deepest night
And no one takes my hand

To lead me from
My shadowed tomb
Where I am doomed to stand

Ah, pray for me,
Though kindness helps,
For only love can save me now

A lonely girl
Lost long ago
Who does not trust, and knows not how

Too often left
Though many cared
And no one saw the pain inside

That lonely girl
The happy mask
Was made so carefully to hide

But now it cracks
The paint wears off
And someone soon is bound to know

And steps will tread
The lonely walks
Where only I’m allowed to go

Perhaps at last
Someone will break
The wall I’ve built around my heart

But no one will
For all have eyes,
And I have been too long apart

And so, alas
For here I stand
A lonely girl in a shadowed land.
Mystic Ink Plus  Oct 2018
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Building a wall could be
The only choice

Whoever built
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Wall doesn't just stand tall, it is made to that height for a reason. First line of defence
Sat drinking A coffee just passing the time of day
with memories of a life time
passing through my
memories of my sweetheart who has passed on and now a
lifetime away two hearts that once
beat as one, now tbey beat In separate worlds one of this world the other In the next two hearts still
beat but both now beat In separate worlds but hearts that will never stop beating
not this world or the
So much together our hearts beat as one, sad now she's gone our two still beat as on but In two separate worlds, me In this world and my wife In the after life
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