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Poetic T Jan 13
There are tracks that flow thorough
the simplistic white trails,
a view where many would
            see nothing but
                              blinding avenues.

But there is always a path winding

Never letting the confusion of white
    show that there are steps beyond
                                   the powdered reflections.

Though we may make a crease in the hillside
                          of destiny remember that new
                          memoirs will always fall
                                           covering our failings.

We are on a ***** of pure white,
and only we can make a wrong turn.
                                What avalanches may fall
are of our own false footsteps.

Learning from where we fell.
                         If we don't get up
it shows that we trod wrong and where
buried beneath the white covering our every mistake.
Jo Barber Jul 2018
I have as many flaws
as there are stars in the sky.
Mine are not nearly as beautiful,
yet I love them just the same.
How can you solve the needs of the world
When every window is a mirror
Reflecting only vistas of you.

How can you feel the pain of the hungry
When tail coated waiters serve you your meals
Hundreds of feet higher than the truck on the corner.

How can you embrace the common man
When you consider him covered in germs
Wanting a cheerleader more than a guide.

How will you acquire respect that’s not bought
When you function on a ten year old level
With a Junior High bully as your mentor.

— The End —