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RL Glassman Oct 2018
Ever I have longed to take
your hand upon my palm
for all the nights I've lied awake
regretting what I had not done

in morning's rise I had believed
in cleansing of my thoughts
but removal I had not achieved
and was left with not a loss

now as ever, I long to take
under moments rash or calm
in days asleep or days awake
your hand upon my palm
love poem? how unusual. a lil one that i quite like, not sure why though -- as it is quite simple and quite trite. Oh well. I like what i like.
RL Glassman Sep 2017
Atop a bed of clovers
I lie and wish away
the days of burden fallen on me
under willows that softly sway

Under potent clouds and sun
i beg and plead and say:
"let this time and times go on without me
alone, I'll gladly stay"

Without charm and devoid of peace
i taint my every day
so now i wish the sky to hear me:
"Let the world go on and play"

Atop a bed of clovers
I still lie here day by day
I whisper "please forget about me,"
I guess you have to yell when you pray
found this uncompleted in my drafts. figured i would finish it. 2017.
RL Glassman Sep 2017
Winged birds swoop from the sky
At the edges of light, tame and wild
Cecilia watched, I don't know why
But she stood...and she smiled

The sky was maybe a lilac blue
Like the water of a sea
A colour remembered fondly, you
Stood and watched with me

With your friends and with your flowers
Falling asleep in meditations
Beneath the arriving of showers
You held young orchids and carnations

Soon I beg for our departure, I cry
"Let us leave," I say to you
But I know my words do not fly
Nor are they a lilac blue

And so, I stand beside you, still
Underneath a sky, I admit is like no other
One day we'll leave, you say we will
But for now I sit at the feet of my mother


The music then plays softly, sweet
The notes you say you love
Looking up from my grassy seat
I listen to the stars above,

They're Dancing to a nightly tune
Above and behind your shoulder
Along with the changing moon
Our stay turns one year older

With the music and with the night
You teach patience to your child
None is wrong and all is right
When Cecil watched and smiled

With the music that's tossed and turned
You teach calmness to your daughter
All is taught but none is learned
With the Washing of waves in water


All at once the showers arrive
But your daydream has not slept
The lessons taught are kept alive
I promise -
In my ***** hands they are kept

Where we go and where we went
And the time we spend there
Now just sit, be content
The year will be new and fair
Written May 13th, roughly, for my mother's birthday. A first draft. As I read it back, it almost songs like song lyrics at times...
RL Glassman Aug 2017
I do not kiss where I can ****
Just as I do not repose where I can rule
All I'll say and all I will
To the carers that are so cruel:
I never kiss where I can ****
I am starting to be able to write again. It feels pleasant and familiar.
RL Glassman Aug 2017
To stand is solitude, I know
Is my fate for all time that grows
For all days that have passed
And all moments that lie below
To stand in solitude, I dare
Say is my fate for here and for there
Lo and Behold! I see myself standing
In solitude, I know
Wrote this right now, on here, no edits, no back spaces, just practice, haven't written in ages !
RL Glassman Apr 2017
I fall
Into Rumination
The thoughts are constant
Buzzing of words
Stinging of fears
I fall
Away from here

I am gone
Into Repetition
The whispers are present
Volume of shouts
Burning of calls
I fall
I fall
I land
Into Rumination
Can't. Stop.

RL Glassman Mar 2017
The tenderness of stars is true
When darkness swallows careful
And I lean back next to you
Of all things learned and taught
Only one I know to be thoughtful
In matters alone and matters not
Only and only the tenderness of stars is true
Written January 9th 2017
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