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Pauline Morris Aug 2016
In my heart burns the brightest fire
Keeping the liquid rubies running through my veins
My scars shine the purest gold and silver
My tears the deepest
Sapphire blue
But my feet are made of clay
BrittneyForever Mar 2016
Luckily She’s Strong to Sturdy to crumble and fall
Others have tried to break through her Belovenent wall
Bestowed in complements
Confused in why all they see is her Beauty
Her power a blessing & a curse.
For she well knows Beauty is what's buried deep within
Patiently waiting Dawn's after Dust's
Crippling in pain
From a World known too Lust
Forced to hide her Hearts Treasures
“Her heart beats of Jewels”
Rubies so divine
She hides them from Fools
They're not meant to be Traded
Her Value is far Underrated
Looking for a Prince
She starts the Casting
Searching for her love in hopes to be Ever Lasting <3
kmp May 2015
In the same space where once laid rubies and pearls
now lies a tangled necklace of simple gold.
Knotted, tarnished and with one broken end,
it rests there for a long time, almost hidden,
amidst bracelets of diamonds
and waits to shine again.
Christian Ek Jun 2015
A Red Ruby, if placed upon the chest, can melt through your rib cage and engulf your entire body with flames.
It's delicate appearance of a heart was purposely constructed that way, in order to desire with a fierce blaze.
Red Rubies were made to crystallize your eyes and make every single sensual thought behind them harden until they crack and find its way into your blood stream and into your love making.
Red Rubies are a euphoric gemstone stimulating your need to love and give into the desirable.
Emma May 2014
My tears are rubies
My heart is a diamond
My hands are merely leaves

Cracked and dry
They lie still

The sand slides through them
And hits the ground

It doesn't move
And now I know
The sand is gold
Of course, an alternative ending to the last paragraph is It doesn't move, And now I know, It is dead and hollow like all other things. But that's kind of depressing.

— The End —