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BrittneyForever Apr 2017
What do I look like to you?
A Woman who doesn't deserve flowers when she's melting or not?
Maybe a tissue too wipe your nose and clear off your sweat?
Or am I you're favorite book you've forgotten laying under your bed side?
Maybe, it doesn't matter what I look like to you. What matters is how your treating me- with out even realizing, and that's what it looks like to me.
BrittneyForever Mar 2017
Cash, Cash take out the trash
Shopping, Shopping my wallets flopping
Eat, Eat work out for that treat
Yin Yang, the world goes round' again
New Year, New Street, another babies heart beat  
Grow up, Grown up time to work now
New Dreams, New life, another dream dies
Tears and Fears All We have is Years.
BrittneyForever Mar 2017
better watch out
he preys on your innocence and happiness-
oh sweet girl it's only a matter of time til he seeks out a new vibe he's been waiting to redefine'
you see, he used to be a man of mine
He'll consume your spirit and leave you empty to the core
If I where you darling, just back away from that chore
If I could go back to the girl I once knew
I wouldn't be far because that girl is you
So Just remember ... you better watch out.
BrittneyForever Mar 2017
I guess it was the way he got what ever he wanted
Or was it the confidence he flaunted
I admired him so
He was the coolest fellow

But numbers turned him mean
fast cars, hot girls, big muscles, eat clean
But you can't hate him He's living his Dream
He want's what he see's He chases the Green

He knows what he's doing
Sometimes to cut-throat to be  
but I still miss my little Brother who was friends with me
BrittneyForever Feb 2017
I'm just tired of being sad, I'm tired of my whole feeling bad, a feeling I'm oh so familiar with, It gets old, you don't wanna grow old with this feeling that embody's your mold.
     You found a way to escape the pain- But you can't run from yourself when you start to rain <3
     You look for the rainbow, but you already know, there is no *** of gold, and you realize bigger lies that are still being told. You're stuck in this feeling of confusion, can't depict what's real or allusion.
     And you don't know which way to go from here, so away from people you stay clear. It's not the World you fear, It's all the things you don't care to hear.
  Dec 2016 BrittneyForever
Ignorance is bliss they say,
I never found it
When I was being put down
And they were shouting at me like
"You'll never rise up, you're nothing, ain't worth the time"
And it only gave me another excuse to rap and to rhyme
Expressing my feelings just to get it off my chest
While at the same time writing lines simply to be my best, it's a test
And so far I've been passing, they said I can't do it
But watch as I sonic speed right on through it
I'll defeat the Doctor Eggman and chill with my bud Tails
While you sitting in the corner pointing out all my fails
But I don't care, it's behind, another lesson learnt
So that I progress easier and don't be so badly hurt
I like to help others, a saint some would say
A blessing disguised as a kid you see everyday
But keyword is disguised, every man has his demons
They can be so bad that ol' skull-face takes to reapin'
But I haven't fallen yet, I still stand tall
On the hill, helpless just watching it all burn
I know I'm not liked, by many and still don't care
As long as I live happily then I ain't gonna be snared
By the concept that the best must have a good reputation
But solitude for some is the key to salvation
Why would you want to fit in with people that you don't like?
And when they try to conform you, tell em to take a hike
Wrote this off the top of my head
  Dec 2016 BrittneyForever
An atheist said to a reverent:

Heaven is a fairy-tale for those
who are afraid of the dark

The priest replied:

Atheism is a fairy-tale for those
who are afraid of the light.
Quoted by Philosopher: Ray Andrew.
Please note that i have nothing against atheism nor atheist people.
They are no different from any other being.
I'm sorry if this did offend anyone in anyway.
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