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SJ Dec 2017
I can talk to you about the stars and the sun.
I can talk to you about Technicolor and the different shades of gray.
I can talk to you about the heat from the earths core.
Or the freezing temperatures from the vacume of space.
I can talk to you about books and their scent.
Old tomes with stories of love and heartache.
I can talk to you about war and peace.
Politics and race
I can, talk to you about most anything.

What I can not do is talk of Love and the drugs it exhumes.
I can not talk of longing for all the things this world teases us with.

But I can talk to you about desire and suffering.
For that is what you are to me.
What others are to you.
We desire
So we suffer.
One of many lessons taught by the great master.
You know this to be true.
Being low is my greatest inspiration. How sad is That?
Àŧùl Mar 2015
Tum se hi meri pehchaan hai.
Atul yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri zindagi hai.
Aashiq tumhaara yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri khushi hai.
Pyaar tumhe aise hi nahin karta.

Tum se hi meri santushti hai.
Pyaar tumhe yoon hi nahin karta.

Har kavita mein meri tumhaari hi jhalak hoti hai.
Kavi bada main yoon hi nahin bana.

Har saans tumhaari hi yaad dilaati hai.
Zindagi ** meri tum yoon hi nahin kehta.


Fr­om you is my identity,
Atul originates from you.

From you is my life,
I am your crazy lover.

From you is my happiness,
I love you just so seriously.

From you is my satisfaction,
I don't love you just for fun.

Each poem of mine carries your imagery,
I have been a seasoned poet worshipping you.

Every breath reminds me of you,
I call you my life not just for saying.
My HP Poem #809
©Atul Kaushal
Heather Mirassou Jan 2015
Young bliss

a fragrant kiss.

Lips slumber

eyes agaze.

Arms aflame

damp passion.

Enmeshed in desire

Bloomed within.

— The End —