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  Mar 24 Liz Rossi
At two mice power
my wheel's are'a rolling
Get back jack
I'm a smocking an'a toking
What would you know
'bout that?!
I been down
to the bottom of the bottle
These cliches
are hard to swallow
I 'm ready to lead
if you'ready to follow
right off the bat
Don't mind if your thin
don't care if you're fat
leave a number
I'll hit you back
as a matter of fact!
Traveler Tim
man you're gorgeous
got me slipping on my words
so beautiful that not being with you
physically hurts
Liz Rossi Mar 24
i took the morning train today.
hushed city streets and
sweater-grey skies,
clouds like milk in coffee.
a flurry of wings, silent strangers,
heads down, umbrellas up,
sunshine dreams and briefcases.

i took the morning train today.
left the city behind me,
grey walls and grey pavement
and grey concrete skies.
red buses, black taxis,
camera clicks and glinting lenses,
crumbling walls and lost tourists.

i took the morning train today.
watched as the city fell away
behind the horizon,
rain drumming on the glass.
somewhere, birdsong
and the glint of blue skies
beckons me home.
  Mar 24 Liz Rossi
you have moon dust in your veins
and i want to taste the cosmos!

take my body away
toss it onto the pile
of all your rag dolls
and mistakes.
i'm just a vhs tape waiting
to finally be used and wanted.

you are a human blood bath
filled with destruction and wars
you taste like redemption
and i'm wondering if all the dying gods
taste the way you do.
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