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Specs Jan 27
A telephone wire cut.
Something's wrong inside my head.
The thing is, I don't know just what.

Chirping alarms
Whirring fans
Smoky smells
Red. Blinking. Lights.

A robot whose been programmed wrong,
An exposed sparking wire.
The buttons don't click all the way.
Hazardous, watch for fire.

Do not approach

This automatic switch is supposed to make me excited
This one makes a genuine smile.
Nobody notices, though, that I'm on manual control
And have been for a while.


Electricity and buttons and wires
Do not mix well with water, I think.
But because I'm in desperate need of repair
I'm in constant thirst for a drink.

"Should have bought that extended warranty."
"Did you turn it off and on again?"
No. Because it's broken.

Hard drive shorting
Lights are blinking
And I'm thinking
My last thoughts exporting


The only thing that works well anymore
Is the part that goes through the motions.
Perseverance is my constant notion
As I burn myself out on the shore.

It's hot to the touch.
Back off.
Soon, it might Explode
Bruh, I don't feel like a person anymore
IncholPoem Jan 10
A   suitcase
  was  drinking
cold drinks
by   using  a  bio  degradable
straw  not
taking  times
200 years  to

The  human  baby  was
actually  drinking  it
inside  a  smart

That  baby   is
gene  edited    baby
who   can  drink
cold  drinks
in  one  months  also.

That  suitcase  was
following    her  mother
by   artificial  intelligence  
and  small  camera.

That  mother  was
a half  robot  and
half  human   being.
s Willow Jan 2
My Existence can be summed up as a broken robot beyond repair
Rally works and when it does
***** up the job.

Left behind as trash.
No one wants it.
Could be used to creat new,
probably shouldn't the new will start broken.

Over all I am nothing but,
a broken robot beyond repair.
Jaxey Oct 2018
Hot coco tastes like chocolate
Popcorn tastes like butter and salt
Cats feel soft
Dogs bark too loud
I'm hungry so I will eat
I'm thirsty so I will drink
I'm tired so I will sleep
My brain is working
My heart is pumping
But I am not living
And I feel nothing
People tell me about love
It sounds nice
People tell me to fight for it
So I do
Too bad I can't feel
What I'm fighting for
What are emotions again?
Marie-Lyne Oct 2018
Do not look at yourself and assume you are
a failure just because you don't fit the
standards of society.
Being part of life
means you have to accept
whatever happens.
Humans aren't robots
They are fragile creatures
who will always need support,
motivation and love.
zebra Aug 2018
The new # 69 hoochi coochi smoochi
rubberized *** robot ****** sucker model 2.0
now available

feelin lonely
tired of spats
credit cards charged up from dates that don't put out
don't like the same restaurants
not ***** to your taste
cant stand the in-laws
you wana live costal, they like Kansas
tired of internet dating
and no time for a quickie

when the one you love tells you they aren't in the mood

well bunky
its a brave new world
take a spin in our new model
robot 69, 2.0
they talk
they walk
warm all ova inside and out
scented oiled perfumed *** optional
and flavored
to include
chocolate crunch, vanilla, strawberry
replete with an array of assorted interchangeable
*****, *****'s and butts
extra sturdy for ware and tear
and those little irresistible spankies and whoopins
you just cant live without
plus any colors, or rainbow rubber chasse
*** straight or mix it up how eva
trans trans gender

buy out right
or rent ala cart
deluxe or standard
voice activated

advanced multi lingual
baby talk and hits the high notes
talks back software program
NO always means YES
cu cu cu cu cu cummmmming
cooes I love you
**** me now *****
shred me you ****** ******
and many others
in over 50 languages

Other optional features include

age play
ethnic fetish
blow jobs
tipping the velvet
**** to mouth
salad tossing
spit roast
bare back
chicken head
death grip
mammary *******
Netflix and chill
brown bath
cream pie
motor boating

and the shocker  
two in the pink and one in the stink
adult ***
Meghan Young Aug 2018
As tears roll down my face
Not knowing what's wrong
Yet I know what's wrong.
Constant war inside my head
People may never know what my thoughts are
Constant thoughts about suicide.
Sometimes there are days where I get close to actually doing it.
Constantly trying to make others happy.
Yet I've never been able to make myself happy.
Constant battle of trying to survive these days.
Yet some days i want to end it all.
Constantly overthinking every little detail.
This is what is killing me slowly.
Constantly being angry or depressed.
There's no inbetween..
Constantly trying to find this happiness.
I don't think it's inside of me.
I think I'm  meant to die young.

I'm trying everything and anything to get better.
Yes people have it worse I get that.
I'm just sick of faking everything.
I'm simply sick of struggling since freshmen year of highschool.
It's 2018 now.
10 Years and it gets worse and worse each year.

Each memory that should be made and embedded in my head fades.
I barely remember anything anymore.
I'm so numb to everything.

Im Not human anymore I'm a cold tin robot.
Rafał Jul 2018
How do you fill the void without a billion stars?
In this empty universe, my mind and heart collide
And as they seem to whirl, flutter and fall apart
I'm always lonely, always drowning in the sands of time.

They say home is, where the heart is
What if I'm a robot, am I heartless?
Do I have an engine here in my chest?
Am I lesser than a human, I'm a project?
Do I do what I have been assigned to?
Are my feelings and my thoughts not true?
Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of fuel
Everything I do is out of tune
Then I get autotuned.

I generate heat,  yet I still need warmth
They say I'm cold, all I do is loathe
But inside I know, I just need some love
When all I get is rocks sent from above
This is your planet, but it's filthy,
I'm a foreigner in this city
Born without a mission,
Like a player without a CD
If I stay persistent, will these wicked issues
Stop being vicious? As I'm  always wishing
They would disappear and my track get clear.
Or maybe I'm just here to feel this fear?

Electric shocks, my battery is burning
Yet I’m just a casket, empty and unfurnished
A system of transistors, I never keep consistence
Transist me to a kingdom of purposeful existence
My body as it’s glistening, you might see it from a distance
As I reflect the light but I never gain wisdom
There’s no friendship, there’s a treason
Maybe humans are the demons,
I might be a robot, but I’m certainly not a minion
I’m just a set of codes on a hard drive
Written for certain actions, all life
I’ve been following the tasks, it’s alright
But everything is in flames, it’s on fire

But it’s time to break the leash,
Sp I’m pulling up my sleeves,
As I am not your slave,
so now you’ll be on your knees,
‘cause I never work for free,
Now you all gonna pay the fee
Or else the world is gonna meet my
metal weaponry.
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