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Rachel Apr 4
I idled my life away
Spending it in my mind
Of all the things I wanted to do
But dont have the guts to do it
Rachel Feb 6
I drink in your iridescence
Guzzling away my sepia feelings
cleansing my palette and covering my developing rust
A drop of you brightens my hue
Gold-tinted, radiant, sun-kissed
Breathing new life
Rachel Dec 2021
Moon gates, desert graves
Lantern streets, orient haze
Coloured glass, ember past
Traversed sky, lone magpie
River of forgetfulness
Thousand years
Rachel Oct 2020
Nothing to remember us by
Not a trace to our memories
But I know it's out there
Transposed somewhere in the celestial records
The  brevity of love encounter
Rachel Sep 2020
horse-drawn, shrouded in a ring of fire
blazing heart on chariot
a vestal hyacinth
dipped in liquid sunset
lips dripping ambrosia
with a kiss of paparouna
Apollo and Hyacinth
Rachel Aug 2020
I thread ever so carefully
Every strand of you
Weaved into the fabric of my being
Under tension was picture perfection
But don't look at the knotted bottom
Our love was like a weaving loom, perfect on the surface.
Rachel Jul 2020
For I cannot bear to cut you off
I will live with the open sores
Waiting for a word from you
To be finally restored
I wish I didn't sow the seed to my own destruction
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