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  Oct 2020 Mona
Mike Hauser
Lord, here I am
Unfit to tie your shoes
Still on my behalf you move
When I'm not sure of what to do

You comfort me
You comfort me

Lord, here I am
The blind man at the gate
Not able to see the way
You hold my hand and gently say

You'll comfort me
You'll comfort me

Lord, here I am again
The woman at the well
My sins explain themselves
They are mine and no one else

Comfort me
Comfort me

Lord, here I am
The man beside the pool
Needing healing too
Help me find healing in you

As you comfort me
Comfort me

Lord, here I am
The thief that's on the cross
With the right words I am at loss
As my sins you pay the cost

Which comforts me
Yes, you comfort me
  Aug 2018 Mona
As I laid my head,
anticipating the arrival
of a long day’s sleep...

I heard the beating of my heart -
faint but clear - marking the quiet
that loomed before rest.

I traced each beat...
Counted them, knowing that
soon would come
and I’d be in slumber deep.

I remembered another whose beats matched those of mine -
I finally let go, and got lost
in my cosy nighttime nest.
  Jul 2018 Mona
Keith Wilson
I can't be bothered
with life
It's age
Isn't it?

Or could it be the weather?
Mona Jul 2018
This heart of mine was once dark as the clouds get.
this poor heart of mine was so rich with emptiness.
But the LORD dispensed all his love into thine Heart.
Once more I was rich, rich with a passion that sores the skies with Praise

Though I may hide in all the shadows of confinement, your hand calls me to Peace. A Peace that could never be replicated by mere man. A Peace that fill me with permanent Joy.

This heart of mine, now looks and pursues the Grace that you bore in Your stripes and thorns.
This heart of mine searches for a wave of Love that goes beyond the depths of the sea
This heart of mine now,no longer hides but it seeks to be seen, so that they may know that you Oh Lord exist.

This heart of mine is grateful that you pursued it and
was constant as the northern star.
You are not Forsaken, dear LORD
Thine be the Glory.
A detailed outline of my experience with God
  Oct 2017 Mona
Reese Mauro
Sometimes I wonder,
Should I wander?
Should I leave this world,
Should I become a ghost of my being?

Then I remember,
I already am a ghost.
My memories and feelings are existing too much
too little.  
I'm living,
not living.
  Oct 2017 Mona
I am misunderstood.
Because I am black & white,
Never showing one solid color.

Others believe that I have no ability to fly,
They criticize my abilities based off their undead opinions.
But I am a bird,
I can fly if I really want to.

I come off to them as something white,
Something nice,
Something loving,
And optimistic about things that no one cares about.

But I can be something black.
A reckless, risk taking bird,
That lives in cold, dark places,
And relies on my independence to survive the harsh world.

As much as you get to know me,
You will never actually meet me in my true color.
I am hidden beneath my fake appearance,
And the wayward shadows I carry on my heavy shoulders.

You can say whatever you want about me,
And use my colors and inability to fly as an excuse to hurt me.
But I believe that my useless wings and my conflicting colors are only useful to me,
I can use them to fly to places you will never see.

I could be misunderstood,
But I am the best flying, black & white penguin I could ever be.

Mona Oct 2017
The I in me has become unaware of my own weariness or is it negligence
Nonetheless I still breath and I shall continue......
Trying to figure this whole adult thing as sanely as I can.
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