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Mary Frances Sep 2018
From the moment we met,
I knew you were special.
You became my life-changer,
someone essential, substantial.
You made every quote I created remarkable,
Every poem I've written, memorable.
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Every design that you make has got a future
Planning makes everything possible
Hence it's always important to have intentions in place,
the right intentions with regards to everything that you do in present,
not only for the present,
but also with respect to future
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Decide about the present in the present moment of time
Decide all that is present in the present moment of time.

Experience proves to be an asset when expectations are raised
Now is the moment in time when something substantial needs to be achieved within a stipulated period of time.
Substantial efforts need to be made when expectations from prior need to be surpassed
Hence priority comes first, better to do one thing at a time.

Decide doing one thing at a time
Be firm in your mind about the same, then proceed towards doing the same.

All the time there is some sort of a thing that always goes on in the mind
Ascertaining the future in the present
Think of the past in the present
The mind does everything, everything related to past, present and also with regards to the future.

It’s important to decide upon something definite before taking the first step towards doing the same.
Better decide first and be sure about the same
No point in deciding later with regards to what you want to do, since time has always remained important.
When you decide upon doing something in advance, it’s planning.
When you decide upon doing something at the spur of moment, then it’s because of an experience that you have on your side.
In any case it’s always better to decide first and then proceed towards doing what has been decided.

Crucial moments are part of everyone’s life,
if not a part of everyday life,
however, in the end these crucial moments enrich the experience of an individual.

So it’s always better to be a part of the game,
always participate,
learn from your own mistakes rather than doing the same routine thing daily,
the same mundane thing over and over again.

Better decide first,
be firm on the same and then proceed towards doing the same.
Definitely a moment in time will come when you will know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your aim.
aniket nikhade Aug 2015
In the highs and lows of life
In the ups and downs of life
In the yes and no's of life
When confronted with any doubts in life hesitation will not work
Clarity of thoughts will make the difference
Transperancy in pattern of work must be followed by clarity of thoughts

Be clear in your mind with regards to what you have got in your mind and all that you want from life.

When the right moment of time comes strike a deal with the inner self
Once decided, then it's time to make the next move
Always it's better to watch and wait and then decide how to move ahead.

When the desire is to do something specific, then that desire must have a strong backing.
A desire must be followed by firm willingness to pursue and achieve the desire that's in mind
When the desire becomes strong and concrete it will then be accompanied by a willingness to face odd, which will come along the way.

An odd that comes at an odd moment of time in the middle of your way needs to be solved.
organize yourself, your time and space.
Find a way out,
An idea, method, technique, trick,  whatever may be the need of hour
Find a way out, which will get the odd out of your way.

Experiences from prior have always told one thing
Odds are always there for most of the time
Better deal with them, handle and tackle them
Learn from the odds that you face
In doing so the best thing that happens is you will have an experience of your own.

Even if you think it otherwise,
the other way round life had never been smooth, simple and easy
Never did it happen that after overcoming an odd everything in life became calm and quite, as if nothing happened prior.
On the contrary, after overcoming an odd the next moment of time will tell you how to move ahead in the direction of goal
Life had never been simple and easy
All that happened was it always seemed like life is simple and easy.

Always keep in mind,
always follow the same
Make a habit, register somewhere at the back of your mind
Odds do not change the rest of things in your life
It's important that you remain firm in your mind,
firm with regards to overcoming an odd and don't give up.

Never give up against any odds in your life
When you accept a defeat against overcoming an odd,
everything from the present date and time moves into the past.

Better face the odds as they come along your way
Give your best
Make every possible effort to overcome the odd
Always have something definite in your mind,
Both before and after facing an odd
Better to have something of own in life
Better to be what you are
Always represent yourself as what you really are in your life.

Consistency is the name of the game in which every element of your life plays an important role
Everything is of concern
Everything becomes important in life when it comes to getting consistency in life

A lot of events that happen in life can be experienced only once
They never get repeated
Never does it happen you prove your skills, capabilities, abilities and identity all the time in your life
Recognition comes over a period of time
Experience and expertise becomes a part of your life then
Experience and expertise always counts in everyone's life
They have got a place in everyone's life.

Not only when you participate in a competition, but also otherwise as and when an untoward thing happens, when something goes wrong, be honest at that time.
Honest and confident about yourself
Confident about your skills and expertise
Now when you know your own position and ranking face the facts and search for truth
Just because something went wrong it's important that truth must come out
Truth will come out only when honesty is there.

Before the outside world interferes in your way of doing things
Once and for all understand, realize and accept the fact, which clearly states, who you are based on your prior performance
No need of going into what the world says
In the world outside most of the time there is always something for sale
Time changes
Attitude differs
Trends change
Important that when all of this happens, the person inside you remains the same
Also otherwise the outside world works in a very different way
In the outside world it's all hype
The hype that's created around you
It's all fiction
The fiction that gradually becomes a part of your life
Followed by imagination, desire and dreams.

It's all about life and the world in which you live and work, not the outside world
That's the bitter truth of life
Each and everything belongs to you
You are part of it
Still you will often come across the fact that you are not part of every group
You are not like others
Others are definitely not like you
For one reason or another, many individuals hide themselves from agreeing upon the fact as to what they really are and this not only matters, but is also of concern.

It's always better to be a small part of a larger picture
Better than doing something insignificant of your own and remaining satisfied with the same
Simple things in life don't take much time
Over a period of time you learn them on your own
Later they become part of your life and your habit
It's always better not to get engaged in more than required proportions in doing simple things of life
Over a period of time you become used to it and they become a part of your life.

In the highs and lows of life
In the ups and downs of life
In the yes and no's of life
As and when you get confronted with any doubt in life
Better to wait for a moment or two and then move ahead in life.

— The End —