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Zero Nine Apr 2017
I write because I have
no talent. I wind up
cooking for reasons
all the same. Relegate
me to solemn, lonely
domestics. Is it worse
even still you call me
Sir? Or is it ****** up
that I care? Well,
how dare you,
How dare
******* you ******.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
He says Gay in its colloquial
A language broke - n
By its or - igin creates
A world where only words describe
The gap between where lives lie
Why would I call you friend if it kills me?
-- too ******* scared of loneliness.
In return, my vocabulary
-- guess identity isn't too much to lose.
What I'm selling for the price of presumed loyalty.
Austin Heath Dec 2014
I dropped a bag of free muffins
on your shins and the cat
freaked out on top of you
ran off, and knocked over your water.

You're such a ******* stiff
you might as well have
rigor mortis.

Gorgeous though.

So I tried to be nice,
but I laughed too ******* the inside,
and I'm probably
never apologizing.

If you're looking for one,
*******, buttercup.
I got fuel to burn
and I'm saving my remorse
for the people I've ****** over
and you ain't topping that
totem pole.

— The End —