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'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
When I saw you,
My stomach was rumbling ,
I dont know what it is ...
It feels like someone punch me in it.

Every lunch , when you're around
I can feel the pain ,
deep down in my ribs,
I can hear the screams
the scream of my silent stomach

but then I knew it was just a Hunger
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
Once failed gaining someone's trust,
just because of once mistakes
now trust is taken.

Breaking someone's promise,
because of a reason(s) broke a promise
now promises are called "Lies"

Failing grades,
when best is not enough that caused by failing grades,
now losing hope in doin' best but results to fail.

Struggles slaps you in lessons
but leaves a scars that will remind you of being usefulness

I was lost,
and now still lost.
'thoughtOutLoud Jun 2016
Excuses when you want to hide your tears but your tears dont want to be hidden.

1. There's dust went inside my eyes.
2. I was yawning.
3. A fail sneeze
4. I washed my face and some soap went in my eyes.
5. I was watching a drama.
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  Jun 2016 'thoughtOutLoud
gray rain
If you fell
I would catch you
but I'm not strong
so we would fall together.
  Jun 2016 'thoughtOutLoud
gray rain
bad days are bad
good days are good
sad days are sad
and silent days are torture
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