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eli Feb 2020
we are crackheads
we are not cis
we are not straight

we like messing around
and going on mall dates.

we ate,
we ran,

but i really dont want this fun to end.

she laughs,

she cries.

he laughs,

he cries.

we're having fun

on this small mall date.
jay - casper/bethany
Arden Dec 2018
Dear heteronormative cis people who get made when we come out,

I know this is a hard concept for you to grasp but
it is about you!

We do not come out for you
We do not come out
For the one's who hate us

We shout and make as much noise
As possible just so
Other people like us who are
Scared and cannot be themselves
Would know that they
Zero Nine Apr 2017
I write because I have
no talent. I wind up
cooking for reasons
all the same. Relegate
me to solemn, lonely
domestics. Is it worse
even still you call me
Sir? Or is it ****** up
that I care? Well,
how dare you,
How dare
******* you ******.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
Cis boys want their girls
Not after women
Cis boys don't want
what is powerful
or any parts unclear
No baby rooms
No dreams of family
Years ago we'd still
suffer shock or worse
They want an easy time
When they can't they
turn to rage in fear
and blatant rejection
So let's play with
ourselves where
the energy is shared
and not rejected
He came into my home
Drop the *** bomb
Anything disliked is
******* gay
Well, what's in a word?
I'm sorry if you got
hurt with no meant
offense, but I claim
no accountability
I'm too sensitive,
made of glass, well
what's the point when
I'm such a ***
You blankly state
your blanket apathy
You bid whoever
do what they will do
Yet I recall you say,
that on the MAX train
you almost busted the
clavicle of a man who
flirted with you.
Cis boys want their world pre divined
and written
Cis boys reject unkindly, become livid
in response
to challenge
Zero Nine Mar 2017
She's lounging on the futon playing Stardew Valley. We both get a kick out of it. Mainstream gaming can **** a *****. Exceptions occur, of course. I look into the bathroom mirror through a splatter of mouthwash and toothpaste and groom my hair, my face like I think highly of myself. I don't. I shave and I pluck, admire the edges, pretend I'm of feminine energy, pretend according to the faces and voices that matter. We have to look out for ourselves somehow, but in whole what the world can see of us makes them think we're outsiders trying to climb into an exclusive box. I want to find myself beautiful, and I know you must be happy with yourself, but there's no pleasure in false positives. Where is the touch of appreciation? To struggle visually means that windows are better caked. Not cis, nor have I ever been. In the end, I'm content enough choking in the wasteland.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
He says Gay in its colloquial
A language broke - n
By its or - igin creates
A world where only words describe
The gap between where lives lie
Why would I call you friend if it kills me?
-- too ******* scared of loneliness.
In return, my vocabulary
-- guess identity isn't too much to lose.
What I'm selling for the price of presumed loyalty.
Wren Djinn Rain Oct 2015
Man becomes woman woman becomes man
headline dictation that makes you understand
but what's this? The scene goes beyond extremes,
the black/white photograph is of color underneath.
But **** me, I'm being erratic. I'm standing on tables
shouting so your disdain's automatic. What's up with
this new fad? Uhmurika never had it this bad. We have
a literal metric ton of whining millennials wanting to be
special snowflakes. Man, who could take all of this social
pressure? Being held accountable for a miserable, literal lack
of knowledge about the world around us? Man, definitely not
for me. But seriously, bro, did you get your **** cut off? What's
up bro, **** you get your **** sewn on? That ******* ***** lacks
a ******. That motha ***** lacks the design that gives him a similar
package when his blood pressure rises. Don't talk to me about feelings
before you've had the operation -- because before you've done that step
it's better if you don't implore my empathy or patience because you're
just not real, I won't feel the weight of your complaints and frustrations.
Matter of fact, for you, ess jay dub, my emotional core's on vacation.

Leave me alone with your dialogue.
Discourse is not for me.
Leave me alone with your dialogue.
How do you prefer to ***?

Is it this hard to admit to your audience there's something else outside
yourself? I can see how defining the lines with alacrity makes it easier
to breathe the air you breathe to stay alive. It must be nice to stand tall
and be you and not have to bray declarations of self to stay confident
and true to the compass. Walking is all it ever takes you yet when I say,
"Actually [...]" it's enough to make you think it's me getting in your face
with another liberal lecture, but I'm just keeping real straightforward
about which terms I prefer in our vernacular. Shut up, you **** up, we
advocate for your finish, only requiring you fit into our premise.

Leave me alone with your dialogue.
Discourse is just not for me.
Leave me alone with your dialogue.
How do you prefer to ***?

I just think it's best to have some canned material
in case you need it.

— The End —