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Jamil Issah Aug 2019
If only she knew*
If only she knew,
The kind of affection I grew,
After that night,
I must be a knight,
To fight for her love,
I feel devoted to her love,
I wish to call her fidelia,because of her fidelity,
Her eyes,
Her lips,
Made me look like I’m mad,
But no I am bad,
B’cos I can’t keep away,
It’s like I’m going astray,
I want to be her inamorato,
If only you knew my motto,
She is like a rapture,
She captures my soul with her nice stature,
If only she knew,
How willing I am to give her my heart,
I wish to give you all of me,
So all you need is to trust me,
And give me your heart,
You brought me sunshine,
Which made my day bright and I knew you were mine,
I am no more in darkness,
Oh my goodness,
How I wish you could read my mind,
And find,
The secret behind my acts
Only if you knew,
I believe you won’t have kept me waiting!

     *JaMhiel Young☝️❤️
This was inspire by some one very quintessential to my heart❤️.I really appreciate her care.
datanami Feb 2019
Jah Bless Me
Stick by Me
Princess Gone
Roots Alone

Pass the Pipe
No Coke Pipe
I Need More
Songs of Praise


Give Jah Praise
I Believe
I Found Love
Rock and Groove

Ring Ding Ding
The Right Thing
I Shall Sing
Move along
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
datanami Feb 2019
Oh La La
Si Ma Ya
Zig Zawya
Big in Bed

Paint It Red
The Whole World
Yes Mi Friend
Feel So Good


Highest Grade
By your Side
Half Way Tree
Never See

All my Life
All of Me
Party Time
Happy Home
16/64 Reggae song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
ConnectHook Sep 2015

Revelation:** three, seven – the Kingdom of Heaven

The key to unlocking both glory and shame.

Philadelphia knows He’s arriving in newness

inscribing on foreheads His city and name.

(Though it could be on tee shirts or baseball caps, true –

unless someone takes time to decipher the text…

is it Greek? Aramaic? Amharic? What next?)

Don’t be mad – it’s not me but old John who’s to blame.

Of names and on numbers of Savior and Beast

I have long been a-pondering, trembling, wondering

mushroom-cloud raptures in mind’s eye a-thundering.

How will we get to that marriage-day feast?

Will my garment be ready or filthy with fall-out?

(The song says His blood will make clean if we call out

in faith for forgiveness, in humble repentance

believing that grace will abolish the sentence.)

You may wish my rhyme to be likewise abolished.

Bear with me. Forgive me, I grant it’s not polished.

I speak what I feel and I write when I’m able;

which brings us to heavenly thoughts gastronomic:

what dishes we’ll meet as we dine at that table-

strict Jewish? Angelic? Or pre-Abrahamic?

Shall they serve us from silver or common ceramic?

Being clay to the potter, an unfinished vessel

I leave all these questions for others to wrestle.

Yet there’s still one more realm I explore in conjecture:

the sounds at that gathering.  Classical?   Rock?

Unending revivalist Christian refrains?

Shall we headbang in heaven with glorified brains?

Psychedelic/Psychotic…? or  Handel and Bach?

(Lighten up. It’s the end of my bible-school lecture.

You’ve seen a few rooms of my castle-in-air,

and we ALL know it’s reggae they’re playing up there…)

R.I.P. Mikey Dread aka Michael Campbell DREAD
Sitting in de street
Spitting out a reggae beat
Rollin up a sticky spliff
Jammin out a reggae riff
JAH knows I take the fattest hit
"**** this ****** is strong as ****!"
I see a glint in the eye of a guy
On de street, just passin by
He flicks some cash in me cup, and I begin to smile;
For in my heart of hearts I know, he feels my reggae style
I toiled then in Babylon
with a suit and black tie on
I forgot who it was that I called on
JAH the one true lord of love
Sits on HIS throne high up above
HE sent to me a holy dove
in its talons

I had not smoked since that night
The sight of it gave me a fright
but from the sky, a holy light!
A fatherly voice came down from a cloud
"Son this kush is hella loud
Smoke it well, and make me proud!"
so I packed a bowl
and smoked

The power of kush, it lifted me
This powerful plant HE gifted me
It mended that old rift in me
and I once again, was reggae.
The story of my return to the right path. HIS light inspired me to fight the good fight against bald heads everywhere, and I fight to this day.
Puffing from de chalice
I breathe the holy smoke
In JAH there is no malice
HE gives me only hope

I once was lost
Like an island boy at sea
I once was blind
But through HIM, I now do see

Yes, I was a bald head
Working for the man
But when my locks grew thick with dread
I saw the lord JAH's plan

HE set for me a holy task
and gave me herb to smoke
Within HIS holy light I bask
from HIS bush I ****

To spread HIS love across the earth
that is my only joy
and once HIS love encircles its girth
will I cry tears of soy.
Embrace JAH and he will embrace you. Embrace Babylon and find yourself cold and bald.
Would JAH be proud?
This kush is hella loud.

Is JAH smiling down?
Or does he look with a frown?

For I have been told
by boss men of old

**That I had smoked the lettuce of the devil.
Commentary about how the govt perceives **** laws n ****.
bout tree years ago
me planted me seed in me wife
me wife looked like a a tird babylon
had grown on er tomach
bout a year ago
she **** out a rastafarian mon
and de babylon disapeared
me say me tink es ugly
how should me give em away
me tink me give em back to jah
me gona leave im in da cah
and bake em like da ganga
ee almost went back to jah
me wife say wat was u tinkin
me say me didnt no
she say how me be so dum
me say me smoke a ton
she say ow much is dat
me say it be alot
she say ow much is alot
"like, dis much"
(me old out me hands to show)
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