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Justin Aptaker Aug 2019
i and i wept
by the waters of Knoxville
remembering Zion
repatriation, what a notion
slowly, we came to our senses

the brave new world
closing in around us
we sought our refuge
at the doors of perception

timothy leary and
Marcus Garvey
were on a bad trip
together one day
when it began to snow outside
like grace
from heaven, falling
i was there with them
the angel of death

my thanatalivity
is all i know now
i will make it
to the end
Written ca. 2012
ConnectHook Mar 2017
Yes I* , Putin de *RAAAS fi tru him a de Ras of Rases. Cantrolling all dem eleckshan widout deteckshan, cyan touch Putin. Him a hack Babylonian komputah worse den cutlass hack di bush inna mi yard. Putin so cool, dem cyan even stop him hack Babylon Supah-bowl. Ras Putin secret Rasta, Ras Putin tru servant of JAH Almighty Rastafari. Vladimir a teach Haile Selassie di Solomonic wisdom, an ting weh mi seh...

A plane got a wing but a boat got a hong kong...
ConnectHook Mar 2017
When the gay colors
are removed,
you are left
with the colors
of Rastafari.
Meditation on the GLBTQ banner:
ConnectHook Sep 2015
۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞  ۞    

When the Mahdi returns to smite Dajjal,
When the Antichrist in his temple of lies
is vanquished by lightning from God’s black skies
as the shuddering stars blink, waver and fall,
When JAH Rastafari, Lord Jesus (and Paul)
With Isaac and Ismael – even Jibril
Cash in on redemption and pay up the bill
(no longer in discord, but harmonized all) –
When the Jinn (and the tonik) have thrown in the towel
as libations are served by the Heavenly Host,
while Apollyon’s watchdog combusts with a howl
and the demons and dhimmicrats give up the ghost –
only then shall we learn not to entertain doubt.
But until that apocalypse: **vote the clowns out !
The signs of the arrival of Dajjal are emerging:
جن لوگوں نے دجال کے بارے میں پڑھا ہے انکے لئے یہ جاننا آسان ہے کہ دجال کا پورا سسٹم تیار ہو چکا ہے.
انکو لیڈ کریں گے اور زلزے جو آرہے ہیں موسم بدل رہا ہے یہ سب حدیثوں میں آچکا ہے۔ پاکستان میں سیلاب اور زلزلہ ڈینگی یہ سب اسی کا ایک حصہ ہے

۞  ۩  ۞
dare you to listen to THIS:

— The End —