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K Balachandran Jul 2018
thunder rumbles loud,
rainstorm looms, waits to hit hard;
beware! rough weather!
Acina Joy Jun 2018
I know there’s a
storm inside of you,
a rainstorm over the sea.
Every time you cry out,
a flood drowns you in,
and you can’t seem to see me.

—when all you want is for
me to save you.
Let i out.
Seanathon Jun 2018
As close as the rain which runs down the veiny leaves of the poplar trees. Closer still to you and to your thoughts do I wish to be.
Slowly as I did, to descover this desire within me.
A silent rainstorm
A shower of wild feelings
I'm sick of rain

I wish it would leave
My silent storm of sharp fear
Filling up with tears

A silent rainstorm
Eating away at my mind
My rainstorm of lies
Sometimes the rain never leaves.
Amanda Mar 2018
Outside the sun is
shining, so why is the rain
pouring down inside?
Sometimes I am sad for no reason, and that makes me even sadder.
I watch the rain
as it washes away
all the sidewalk chalk
the smeared paintings
floating away
in a stream
of beautiful color
a vibrant rainbow
on a rainy afternoon
fuchsia pink swirling
around my naked toes
children running
and laughing
in the hot streets
the smell of fish and spices
makes my belly rumble
hot white rice
upon a bamboo plate
an old woman
scooping boiled fish
and smiling
her toothless smile
her soul filled
with liquid sunshine
as we sit cross legged
and laugh like kids
isabelle saloom Jul 2016
the sky opened up and rain spilled onto my fractured back. drops of water slipped through the tiny cracks, traveling through my body to mix into my blood. the thunder clapped in my ears with a loud thud, shaking the organs shielded by my rib cage. the lighting struck with intensity and rage, sending jolts of electricity through my veins. heavy pellets of water slammed into the windowpanes, shattering the glass and leaving cuts on my hands. the trees crashed to the forest floor right where i stand.

and in all of this catastrophe, i only thought of you.
of your lips against my neck,

your hands on the small of my back,

your eyes meeting mine in the darkness of night,

your i love you’s which were spoken without any words at all,

your beautiful smile that bandaged my bruised heart,

but most of all, i thought of how you used to carry some of the weight too.
i miss you.
the river flowed smoothly at first
and then it decided to burst

now around my house is a moat
and **** it I don't have a boat

this will be an uphill battle
because of course I don't have a paddle
Raindrops falling on my face
in the early morning light
gray clouds racing by
dancing on the mighty wind
trees swaying in the distance
like they're waving hello
to all the strangers walking by
people running like little ants
through the crowded streets
looking for shelter from the storm
I just stand in the middle of it all
letting the rain cleanse me
and wash the sins from my soul
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